• Acting as the only unifying force in the industry, the Travel Goods Association is our glue. TGA allows everyone, big or small, the opportunity to feel equal. Department stores and mom and pop stores can discuss their futures side-by-side without one feeling slighted by the other. This effort is their main course. Everything else is dessert.

    David Stoller
    Owner, Suitcases & More
  • The TGA staff were an absolute pleasure to work with, making us feel like we were already members before ever sending a check! If your product or service has the slightest bit of fit in the travel industry, you’ve GOT to join TGA!

    Sam Nebel
    Co-founder, Goodwipes
  • As a first time member of the Travel Goods Association, I was impressed with how well the trade show was organized and with their efforts to promote new products. The team is hard working, a pleasure to work with and The Show is a great venue to learn about new creative solutions in this industry.

    Fafa Fathi
    Owner, Fafa Concepts
  • From their outstanding print and online publications, professional media outreach and so much more, the Travel Goods Association has been very beneficial to our company.

    Trish Sweeney
    VP of Marketing, Clipa
  • We have been a member of TGA for over 10 years, and as a result have been featured in many media placements notifying key buyers of our new products.

    Jim Dimataris
    Owner, Dimo Gear LLC/WalletBe
  • The Travel Goods Association is the worldwide anchor of the travel goods industry. The staff is both professional and amazingly caring. I strongly believe that every company in the travel goods channel should join TGA.

    David Sternlight
    CEO, Cabeau Inc.
  • TGA is THE vital industry hub! Through their trade publication, Travel Goods Showcase, and the annual International Travel Goods Show, I’m always informed of changing products, trends, policies – everything I need to know to both make informed decisions for my business and give up-to-date information to my customers.

    Bernie Schwartz
    Owner, California Luggage Co.
  • The Travel Goods Association continuously supports the growth of its member companies and helps them access promotional opportunities and high level media attention. And, they produce an exceptional trade show!

    Roxana Garcia
    North America Sales Manager, Benga International
  • TGA’s regular updates are essential in learning about new products, programs and companies. Joining TGA is an easy investment and provides a worthwhile return.

    Guy Paquette
    Bagot Leather Goods, Luggage Plus
  • I’ve been a member of TGA for over 20 years, and it continues to be the best decision year after year. We benefit from growth and brand awareness though the association’s robust website, a fantastic quarterly magazine, the industry’s biggest and best trade show, and PR services to assist in communicating with international media.

    Magi Raible
    President, LifeGear Design
  • TGA’s media network and its resulting coverage keeps our industry dynamic and gives our customers good reason to retire their old travel gear and buy the latest and greatest.

    Jerry Kallman
    President, Airline International Luggage
  • TGA serves as our voice in Washington on behalf of the travel goods industry, and allows companies like us to focus on internal business.

    Lauri DeLaczay
    Owner, Clark & Mayfield