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Smart choices net smart results

We hear it from exhibitors time and again: The International Travel Goods Show is the best marketing buy in the travel goods arena, and exhibiting at The Show is the smartest thing you can do for your business. There's no easier way to reach all the retailers who matter, from independent travel goods specialists to regional chains, department store brands like Macy's and Nordstrom, Big Retail like Target and Costco, and online giants such as Amazon and eBags. Factor in the Early Bird Discount Rate of just $10/square foot, and participating is a no-brainer. But it's a limited-time offer, so now's the time to act. Make the most of your marketing dollars by contacting VP, Trade Show Cathy Hays, 877-842-1938, x-707.

More and more media exposure

Did you know TGA members enjoy the benefits of a high-caliber PR agency? Just this week, 2015 Show exhibitors Charger Leash, Andiamo, LugLoc and eGeeTouch were featured on Philadelphia's CBS News in a segment taped at this year's International Travel Goods Show, thanks to the efforts of TGA's PR machine. If you have something newsworthy or noteworthy, make sure your press releases reach Kate Ryan, 774-929-5223, so we can help maximize your media profile.

Shark Tanked?

Have you been Shark Tanked? If your company has been featured on Shark Tank, we'd love to talk with you for possible inclusion in an upcoming feature in Travel Goods Showcase magazine, and learn about your experience, good and bad. Please contact Travel Goods Showcase writer Garrett Lai if you're willing to share your story.

Kickstarted? Indiegogo-ed? Have you been crowdfunded?

Have you had a good crowdfunding experience? Know someone who has? We'd love to talk with you for an upcoming feature story in Travel Goods Showcase magazine. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding services have become the new venture capital, and we'd love to chronicle your experience as we explore this new way of generating start-up capital and marketing momentum. Please contact Travel Goods Showcase writer Garrett Lai, and help others learn from the ups and downs of your crowdfunding story.

Travel Goods Association Releases State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market 2002-2013: Selling Less for More [FULL STORY]

Travel goods sales fell by volume in 2013, but consumers were willing to pay more for those fewer products, leading to a rise in sales by value, according to a new report released by the Travel Goods Association (TGA). Travel goods are defined as luggage, backpacks, travel/sports bags, business cases/computer bags, handbags, personal leather goods, and luggage locks. TGA estimates that sales of travel goods in 2013 surpassed pre-recession levels, with U.S. consumers spending an estimated $29.5 billion in 2013 on travel goods, a rise of 17.2% from 2012.

TGA's Guide to Carry-On Guidelines [FULL STORY]

When it comes to carry-on regulations, the number one rule is: Check with the airline before every flight.

What To Know Before You Go

Visit for the latest news from theTransportation Security Administration (TSA)

Senate committee approves GSP Update Act

On April 23, the Senate Finance Committee approved the TGA-supported GSP Update Act as part of larger trade preferences legislation. The GSP Update Act would remove the bar preventing U.S. imports of travel goods from being eligible for duty benefits under the GSP trade preference program. GSP allows duty-free access to the U.S. market for products from developing countries like Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. This legislation must now go to the full House and Senate for consideration. We need your help to get GSP Update over the finish line. Contact TGA's Nate Herman to learn how you can help.

TGA urges Federal Maritime Commission action on demurrage charges

TGA joined over 80 industry associations in sending a letter to the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) on April 27, urging FMC action against unfair demurrage, detention, and per diem charges being levied on importers by marine terminals as a result of port delays. The FMC released a report on April 13 which identified a number of actions to mitigate congestion-related charges.

New California Proposition 65 notices [FULL STORY]

Wellspring Ideas Launches Travel Pocket to Stop Pickpockets and Electronic Identity Theft APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Squeeze in More – Go Travel Reveals a New Line of Liquid Dispensers APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Granite Gear’s New Wheeled Packable Duffels Pack Into Carrying Case APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Travelpro® and Atlantic® Luggage Go the Extra Mile with the “2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide” APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Pivotal Receives the Red Dot Award 2015: Soft Case Awarded for Design Quality MAR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

ChargerLeash Showcases New “Forget Me Not” Technology at Travel Goods Show MAR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

LCI Brands Releases New Towels MAR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Andiamo Unveils iQ™ — Luggage Packed with Technology…Your Smart Choice MAR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

BAQ Leatherbags: New Norwegian Luxury Brand MAR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

GOSLEEP and Pan Am Announce Partnership to Develop Iconic Travel Masks MAR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]


Prop 65

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Travel Goods Showcase

American Duffle [READ PROFILE]

American Duffle’s creators searched in vain for a premium-quality, stylish bag that could survive being stuffed into overhead bins, crammed into trunks or under-seat spaces. A bag as easy to pack as it is to carry. When…


Vibrant, a 20-year-old design firm, recently entered the travel accessory market with the launch of ORB Travel, introducing unique, designer-coordinated sets of luggage straps, travel organizers and bag tags to the North American marketplace.…


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