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nod2.0 by Zdoze is a travel pillow designed to maximize comfort by keeping a seated user’s head, neck and back aligned at the same relative angle experienced when sleeping in bed. Simple and compact, its unique design solves the problem of forward head motion and works with users of any height, and it’s compatible with all seats, whether traveling by plane, train, bus or car.

The pocket-size nod2.0 provides full head and neck support by attaching to the seatback, and is configurable to accommodate a variety of seat/headrest designs typical for airliners, trains, buses and cars.

“Zdoze is the trademark of nod2.0, The Holy Grail of Travel Pillows,” states Paula Blankenship. “It is the first and only travel pillow that solves the age-old issue of forward head motion while seated upright. Our from-the-rear patented design works on passengers of all heights, allowing the user to fully rest his or her neck and head while seated upright.”

Zdoze is made of comfortable memory foam and stain resistant wipe-able fabric. It is easy to use and the supplied accessory cord allows the pillow to work on any seat type.

For more information, visit zdoze.com or contact Paula Blankenship at info@zdoze.com; 502-212-6077.