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TGA Industry News Briefs

A Win in D.C.

On Sunday, April 19, the White House issued an Executive Order implementing a 90-day duty deferral for March and April 2020 imports, which essentially applies to travel goods imported from any country other than China. This win is the result of TGA’s ongoing efforts in D.C., on the behalf of all industry members – and TGA will continue pushing for duty deferral for all U.S. travel goods imports. For more about the Executive Order, please see the following U.S. Customs and Border Protection documents: CSMS Messages #1 & #2 and interim final rule.

Need Feedback – Draft Recommendations for the Next Stimulus Package

Working with the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), TGA plans to submit recommendations for the next stimulus package. The draft recommendations focus on making improvements to the last stimulus package, duty deferral, and other provisions that would help the industry. We need feedback/suggestions on the recommendations by tomorrow, Friday, April 24. Please send your comments to Nate Herman, TGA's Director of Government Relations, at nate@travel-goods.org, (202) 853-9351.

We Need You to Sign the Revised Industry CEO Letter to President Trump

We need you to sign the revised industry CEO letter to President Trump and Congress urging them to 1) fix the duty deferral so it helps our industry and 2) grant pending tariff exclusion petitions on travel goods under the Tranche 3 China 301 tariffs. The letter focuses on the unique nature of the industry and highlights the devastating impact this crisis has had on a small industry, mostly comprised of small businesses who depend on travel. If CEOs are interested, please send the following information to TGA's Nate Herman by this coming Monday, April 27, at 12:00 noon EDT.
  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • City and state
Please also share how much you owe in duties between now and the end of April. The data will be kept confidential and aggregated for the purpose of the letter.

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Trump’s Deferral of a Few Duties Falls Short for Some Importers


The long-awaited administration decision to defer some tariffs for some importers drew a lukewarm response from business groups, in part because the action itself is so limited. The decision, announced Sunday, will allow importers who can document a significant financial hardship to defer payment of duties, tariffs and fees for 90 days, but it covers only products imported between March 1 and April 30. The president cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the executive order. The National Retail Federation welcomed the action but also said that it had hoped for more. READ MORE

How to Clean Your Luggage After a Trip, Because Germs


Whenever I return from a trip, the moment I open my front door marks the beginning of an intricate routine to decontaminate myself of all the dirt and germs that may have latched onto me along my journey. At the risk of tracking the grime deep into my apartment, I stop in the entryway, dump everything washable into the laundry and wipe down everything else. Then comes the most essential step: Cleaning the suitcase itself. READ MORE


The New Life of Retail Workers


As customers, our internal anxieties about grocery shopping are intensified by the very precautions implemented to protect us inside of stores: Signage urging vigilant social distancing, checkout lines with customers spaced two cart lengths apart, tape on the floors indicating how far to stand from other shoppers, plexiglass barriers shielding workers from us and the chemical sting of Clorox and Purell in the air. Employees are wearing face masks, and if we're responsible, so are we. For the people working from behind those masks, though, there is no relief from the anxiety and stress of virus exposure. READ MORE

5 Virtual Strategies Brick & Mortar Stores Can Easily Implement Now, Despite Doors Being Closed


If you are a brick & mortar merchant struggling to adjust to the new realities of customer interaction due to COVID-19, you don’t want to miss this webinar. Now more than ever, your customers want to feel normal again, and that includes shopping with you. From curbside pick-ups and delivery options to selling via social media, this webinar will reveal the various ways in which you can still connect with customers and make sales now despite your doors being closed. READ MORE

The Psychology Behind Effective Crisis Leadership


When a leader’s appeal rests on a vision alone, leadership is not whole. And the limitations of such visionary leadership become painfully obvious in times of crisis, uncertainty, or radical change. Take the coronavirus pandemic. No one had anything like it in their “Vision 2020.” Crises always test visions, and most don’t survive. READ MORE

Everyone is Still Traveling…in Their Living Room


Just a few weeks ago, engineer Philipp Klein Herrero emerged from his sleeping bag, scaled a snowy mountain, skied off the top slopes and hit a near 360 degree turn before crashing to the ground. Herrero managed this dream adventure while keeping to social distancing rules. He just did the whole thing from his apartment. READ MORE

Navigating Social Media Marketing in a Global Crisis


We’ve seen social media serve as a hub for conversations around the current global crisis. People continue to turn to social media to talk about their experiences, post important information, and share feel-good stories during this unprecedented time. In fact, according to Twitter data from March, COVID-19 related Tweets were being shared every 45 milliseconds and coronavirus was the second most-used hashtag of 2020. That communication is powerful, but not nearly as powerful as when the conversation turns into durable connections among individuals. READ MORE