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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Thank You for Putting on a SHOW


TGA would like to extend a BIG thank you to everyone present at this year’s Travel Goods Show – attendees and exhibitors alike. Thank you for remaining undeterred in the face of difficulties such as China tariffs and trade war uncertainty, an unfamiliar host city, and the challenges surrounding COVID-19. You practiced what we preach, as an industry of travel encouragers and enablers, and brought a tangible, can-do attitude to The Show. As a whole, feedback received so far is overwhelmingly positive, and we hope your New Orleans experience reflects that. Please help make next year even better – fill out the Post-Show Survey invitation that was sent to you earlier this week. And know that we’re very grateful for your participation this year. We'll see you next year when The Show returns to Las Vegas Feb. 28-March 2, 2021!

China Tariff Exclusions Now at Four


The U.S. government denied thousands of petitions over the last week. In fact, USTR has denied 25,730 petitions to date (out of 30,283 petitions submitted), and have only granted 727 petitions to date (a 2.4% approval rate). For travel goods, out of 863 petitions filed, USTR has granted only four petitions, rejected 663 petitions, with 200 petitions still pending review. The four granted exclusions are certain cylindrical drawstring bags (see description on Page 9922, #5) (see petition), certain leather briefcases (see description on Page 550, #5) (see petition), certain nylon bags (see description on Page 6678, #31) (see petition), and certain zippered bags on armbands (see description on Page 6679, #32) (see petition). Anyone importing products matching these descriptions no longer pay the punitive 25% tariff (until August 7, 2020). Previous tariffs paid are eligible for refunds, retroactive to September 24, 2018.


Unique Travel Accessories Displayed at the 2020 Travel Goods Show


Travel goods, an estimated $31 billion business, is an ever-expanding melting pot of ideas specifically aimed at making the unpredictable and the uncomfortable task of traveling much more pleasant wherever possible. To that end, this year’s Travel Goods Show in New Orleans did not disappoint. Here are some of our non-luggage favorites. READ MORE

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Convincing and Converting Buyers Through Social Media Marketing


There’s so much more to social media marketing than exposure and fan groups. You want to see your efforts affect your bottom line, right? The only way to do that is to focus on social media marketing activities that will convince your visitors to convert to buyers. We have some tips to help you do just that. READ MORE

Amazon is Now Selling Its Cashier-less Store Technology to Other Retailers


Earlier this week, Amazon announced it will now offer its cashier-less store technology, called “Just Walk Out,” to other retailers. The technology uses a combination of cameras, sensors, computer vision techniques and deep learning to allow customers to shop, then leave the store without waiting in line to pay. READ MORE

How Your Airbnb Host is Feeling the Pain of the Coronavirus


The toll that the coronavirus is taking on the $688 billion online travel industry is shared by airlines and big hotel chains. But unlike the Marriotts and Hiltons or carriers like United and JetBlue, many online travel sites are underpinned by listings from individual homeowners and smaller hotel operators, who typically have fewer resources to withstand a prolonged slump. READ MORE