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TGA Industry News Briefs
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TGA is on the Move


The Travel Goods Association has a new mailing address:
        259 Nassau St. #119
        Princeton, NJ 08542
But don’t worry, all the phone numbers and people you’ve come to rely on at the industry’s biggest trade association remain the same, and we’ll continue to serve you as we champion travel goods to the world at large. Please update your contact lists accordingly.

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Best Travel Items for 2020 and Holiday Gifts for Travelers


The annual Travel Goods Show represents a chance for industry pros to preview the latest travel gear designed to help deal with the rigors of traveling. This is a list for the everyday traveler looking for the newest products, gadgets and best travel items – or for the traveler in your life this gift-giving season. READ MORE

How Will Retailers Deal with the New Tariffs Heading into Holiday 2019?


The retail industry is feeling the effects of 15% tariffs imposed on Sept. 1 on a wide range of consumer imports and is bracing for the impact of their expansion to additional goods on Dec. 15. These tariffs cover a total of about $300 billion worth of imports from China. Increases on tariffs imposed earlier this year were planned for Oct. 15 but were suspended just days before. Also, in mid-October, a new round of U.S. tariffs took effect on $7.5 billion worth of European goods such as cheese, fruit, seafood, drinks and clothing. While the burden of paying the taxes on imported goods will fall on U.S. importers initially, many consumers are worried that those costs will eventually lead to higher prices. READ MORE

Black Friday: Get a Jump on Holiday Shopping Plans with an Early Look at Ads


As the days in November tick by, more retailers are sharing their Black Friday plans. With Thanksgiving Day falling on Nov. 28 this year – the latest it can possibly be – some ads are being released later than in past years. The later Thanksgiving also means there are six fewer days shopping days between the holiday and Christmas than there were in 2018. With few exceptions, many major retailers plan to kick off their in-store Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. READ MORE


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Get Ready: Holiday Travel Crunch Starts Friday


When it comes to air travel, the airline trade group Airlines for America (A4A) predicts this year’s Thanksgiving holiday period – which it defines as the 12 days from November 22 to December 3 – will be the busiest on record, with 31.6 million travelers taking to the skies. That’s an increase of 3.7% over the same period last year. READ MORE

The Unexpected Benefits of Pursuing a Passion Outside of Work


It seems like we’re constantly told to pursue work that we’re passionate about. At least in the U.S., this advice follows people from school and into their careers. As billionaire investor Ray Dalio advises in his book Principles, “make your passion and your work the same thing.” Doing so is said to be the path to success. Pursuing your passion offers a host of benefits, but only a privileged few can do this on the job. More of us should instead look for personal activities that are tied to what we care about. When we do, we will lead full lives and also bring our best selves to work. READ MORE

Why You Should Think Twice About Plugging into Public USB Power Stations


When you’re traveling and your phone is about to die, most travelers will take a charge wherever they can find it. But, a new report from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office warns against using public USB power charging stations because of “juice jacking.” Juice jacking is a scam that can drain important information from your phone while you use a public USB port to charge. READ MORE

How Can You Be Sure Someone is Fit to Be a Leader? It Comes Down to One Word


Bosses unfit to effectively lead people are virtually everywhere. Chances are, you've probably worked for one in the past. But among those 'bad boss' stories, there is bound to be one of a true leader that made a positive and lasting difference in your life. One powerful and rare leadership trait the most impactful boss I ever had consistently demonstrated a trait that made him fit to be a leader: listening. READ MORE

Social Buzz: Why Isn't Social Media Marketing as Much Fun as It Used to Be?


Social media has come of age, but its troublesome teen years have forced platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to introduce their own rules and best practices around marketing. Have these stipulations killed the original fun that came from interacting with new (and sometimes famous people) in real-time digitally from all around the world? READ MORE

How to Make Your Travel Clothes Pop on Instagram


Our travel tips column has shown you how to pack (edit ruthlessly, use packing cubes) and how to take vacation photos (remember to take advantage of the golden hour). But which outfits both travel effortlessly and make for enviable posts on social media? The answer combines color coordination, personal style, destination mindfulness and knowing what pops on Instagram. READ MORE

Frustrated Baggage Handler in Singapore Jailed for Swapping 286 Luggage Bag Tags


A former baggage handler at the end of his rope in Singapore was sentenced to three weeks in jail on Monday for allegedly ruining the trips of hundreds of customers while costing two airlines thousands of dollars. Tay Boon Keh, 66, was arrested for allegedly swapping the luggage tags of nearly 286 bags in Changi Airport, causing them to be sent to unintended destinations. READ MORE