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TGA Industry News Briefs
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The Smart Place to Stay


Book now and get exclusive special rates with the two best hotels for The Travel Goods Show: Hilton New Orleans Riverside, and Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center. Both hotels are within easy walking distance to The Show, and you’ll find special-rate booking links at The Show hotel page here.

Still Waiting…China Tariff Exclusion Process Moves at Snail’s Pace


The U.S. government's review of the 30,331 tariff exclusions requests for the 25% punitive tariffs on U.S. imports from China filed by the September 30 deadline has not moved at all in the last week, with the U.S. government still having only reviewed 439 petitions – a mere 1.4% of all petitions filed to date. Further, only 61 petitions have been approved to date, none for travel goods. Before the deadline, 146 companies filed a combined 863 exclusion petitions on travel goods. To date, 31 of those petitions have been denied. TGA has urged the U.S. government to accelerate its review.

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This is the Scientific Reason Flying Makes You So Tired


We’ve all stepped off the jet bridge feeling tired, groggy, or ready to practically drop on the floor and take a nap in the middle of a terminal. At least, most of us have. Traveling can make anyone tired, though it affects some people more than others. This phenomenon is known as jet lag and it’s actually a real, temporary disorder rather than just a traveler’s myth. READ MORE


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Top Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try


Social media is more competitive and noisier than ever, but the holidays offer a perfect opportunity to cut through the noise and gain an advantage over your competitors. This is because people’s emotions are actively engaged with a combination of excitement and nostalgia. If you can tap into that, then you can often multiply the effectiveness of your social media efforts. READ MORE

Halloween Shopping Trends: Then and Now


Consumer shopping habits around the Halloween holiday seem to be in a constant state of change. This year, those celebrating plan to spend an average of $86.27 and NRF dug into our recent Halloween data to see how shopping behavior has evolved over the years. READ MORE

What Small Businesses Know About Corporate Responsibility


An increasing number of large firms are taking action on big social issues – from education, to gun control, to climate change, even impeachment. This follows, in part, consumers’ growing desire to shop with and support companies that reflect their own values and beliefs. But Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t limited to big corporations. Small businesses do this, too, and have for a long time. READ MORE

Children with Autism or Developmental Disabilities Can ‘Practice’ Going to the Airport – Here's How


Parents who may be nervous to travel with children who have autism or other intellectual and developmental disabilities can breathe a sigh a relief thanks to a new program. The "Wings for All" program, an initiative from the organization The Arc, is scheduling practice days at certain airports, according to The Points Guy, where children who need extra care can adjust to a busy, overstimulating airport and parents can learn how to prepare for flights in the future. READ MORE