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TGA Industry News Briefs
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NEED SIGNATORIES: Industry Letter Opposing October 15 Increase in Punitive Tariffs from 25% to 30% on U.S. Imports of Travel Goods from China


TGA urges companies to join a draft industry letter opposing President Trump’s decision to increase punitive tariffs on U.S. imports of travel goods from China from 25% to 30% on October 15. The draft industry letter would be submitted as part of a public comment period on the proposed increase in tariffs. Note that on September 11, President Trump, via tweet, announced a delay in the implementation date for the increased tariffs from October 1 to October 15. Please contact TGA’s Nate Herman if your company wants to sign the draft industry letter. The deadline to add your company (just the name of your company, as you would like it to appear on the letter – NO SIGNATURES) is today – Thursday, September 19.

FILE YOUR EXCLUSION PETITIONS TODAY: China Tariffs Exclusion Process Deadline is September 30


The deadline to request exclusions from President Trump’s 25% punitive tariffs on U.S. travel goods imports from China is September 30 (details, web portal). TGA held a September 5 members-only webinar (letter to USTR, webinar recording) detailing the exclusion process. If an exclusion is granted on a certain product, any U.S. import of that product is eligible for refunds of all punitive tariffs paid since September 2018 and is excluded from paying punitive tariffs for one year after the exclusion is granted. TGA strongly encourages interested companies to file their own petitions and/or support existing petitions by filing responses in SUPPORT of petitions.

As of September 16, a total of 14,700 exclusion petitions were filed for Tranche 3, of which 45 companies filed a combined 311 petitions requesting exclusions for certain travel goods. The amount of travel goods petitions has more than doubled in the last week alone. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has not ruled on any petitions in over a month. In August, USTR granted exclusions for 15 petitions (none in the travel goods space) and denied 94 petitions, including 12 travel goods petitions. Again, the deadline to file petitions is September 30.

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China's Economy Is Getting Worse. That Makes a Trade Deal More Likely


China's economic slowdown keeps getting worse. That could give the country incentive to repair its trading relationship with the U.S. and take more steps to stimulate its economy. The country released data Monday that showed industrial production – an important indicator for China's economy – increased by just 4.4% in August compared to a year earlier. READ MORE

The Tech Providers Who Are Changing Fashion Retailing


Where yesterday’s merchandisers relied on intuition, today’s retail leaders are making data-driven decisions to boost sales and margins as well as increase shopper loyalty. And it is not just in-store and online. The entire supply chain is being enhanced and empowered by artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data science. Here, WWD spotlights some of the leaders behind these innovations in technology who are helping to reimagine the customer experience. READ MORE


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The Bahamas’ Big Need Is Tourists, It Says


Even as hotels donate money and Delta Air Lines and cruise ships evacuate survivors and deliver relief supplies, the travel industry in the Bahamas is desperate to convey the message that the natural disaster, as terrible as it was, occurred 100 miles from Nassau, its top tourism destination. This nation in mourning is also a nation dependent upon tourism. The Bahamas needs its tourists back. READ MORE

8 Examples of Brilliant Instagram Marketing


Since Instagram's inception, the platform has redefined social media engagement. It is now the ultimate territory marketers set out to conquer, meaning competition is fierce and success has become increasingly elusive. But the good news is that thriving with Instagram marketing isn't about burning millions of dollars or hiring the most prominent influencer to share your posts. To learn from those who have mastered this craft, here are eight cases of Instagram marketing success from which anyone could gain tremendous insight. READ MORE

Report: Significant Majority of Leisure Travelers Embrace Innovation in Travel


AIG Travel, a worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance solutions, has revealed results of its most recent consumer Pulse Poll on innovation in travel over the past century. The survey of U.S. consumers found that when considering whether to buy travel products, services or experiences, 73% of leisure travelers care "a lot" or "somewhat" about whether those offerings are innovative. READ MORE

No-deal Brexit Would Be a ‘Catastrophe’ for Travelers, Experts Warn


Food shortages. Inadequate medical supplies. Civil unrest and road blockades. Lack of fuel. Delays at the border. That's the potential aftermath of a no-deal Brexit, as detailed by the UK government in an official document released September 11. It's a scenario that travelers from around the world could be flying into if plans to crash out of the European Union are followed through. READ MORE

4 Harsh Truths You Must Accept to Become a Better Leader


If you find yourself in the position of inquiring "Where do I stand as a leader?" at some point you must face some harsh truths to measure yourself against the high bar of leadership. What it takes to motivate and inspire people requires a better understanding of how people are wired on a human, emotional, and psychological level. To better grasp that understanding, here are four non-negotiable truths to shoot for in your development as a leader. READ MORE