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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Act Now, or Lose Your Discount


Your biggest discount opportunity for The 2020 Travel Goods Show closes Monday, July 1. This is your absolute last chance. Save up to 57% off the standard exhibitor Show rate, and 33% off the TGA Member rate. Don’t miss this chance to save, while connecting with the best retailers in travel goods. Contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702, and be part of the best business-to-retailer event in the industry: The Travel Goods Show, March 4-5, 2020, in New Orleans.

Keep Receiving Travel Goods Showcase for FREE


Keep receiving Travel Goods Showcase, the industry’s #1 trade title, for free, by returning the subscription renewal card that came with your copy of the Post-Show issue. Periodic renewal is a U.S. Postal Service requirement for free, controlled-circulation trade magazines like Showcase. Please complete and mail the postcard to maintain your subscription, or better yet, fill out the form at to ensure uninterrupted delivery of the industry’s best news source, direct to your mailbox.

U.S. Government Launches Exclusion Process for Tranche 3 China Tariffs – July 2 Webinar


On June 29, the U.S. government will launch a process to enable companies to apply for exclusions from the 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of U.S. imports from China, including travel goods. Based on the experience with previous Tranches, a decision on a petition could take 6-10 months, or longer. In Tranche 1, only 22% of petitions have been approved to date. No petitions have been approved at all for Tranche 2. This coming Tuesday, July 2, at Noon ET, TGA – in conjunction with the American Apparel & Footwear Association – will host a webinar on the exclusion process. Please contact TGA’s Nate Herman if you want to RSVP for the webinar.

TGA Testifies Against China Tariffs


On Tuesday, TGA testified on the last day of the U.S. government’s June 17-25 China hearings, joining virtually all of the 321 witnesses from across dozens of industries who testified in strong opposition to the China tariffs. With the hearings over, the public has until July 2 to file post-hearing comments. Today, President Trump meets with Chinese President Xi on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Japan where we hope a deal is struck to end the 25% punitive tariff on U.S. travel goods imports from China.

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U.S. Wraps Up Hearings on Plan to Hit All Chinese Goods with Tariffs as Trade War Nears First Anniversary


U.S. government hearings on proposed new tariffs on around $300 billion of Chinese goods came to a close on Tuesday, after seven days of testimony by hundreds of companies and industry associations seeking shelter from the costs of the countries’ escalating trade war. “China doesn’t pay the tariffs,” Nate Herman, Director of Government Relations at the Travel Goods Association, said on Tuesday during his testimony. “We do.” READ MORE

More Than 49 Million Expected to Travel Over July 4 Holiday


Those who plan to travel over the coming Fourth of July holiday will find a lot of company on the roads, with more than 49 million Americans planning a holiday getaway this year. The AAA said that holiday travel volume – a 4.1% increase over last year – is the highest ever recorded for any holiday since AAA began tracking such travel in 2000. READ MORE


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How to Travel This Summer Without Taking Vacation Days


If you're short on vacation days and long on dreams, there are some practical things you can do to make a vacation happen without taking much time off, if any at all. And why not? Studies suggest you'll be even happier after coming back from a short trip than you would after a long one. So before you give up on vacationing, there are some ways to travel this summer when you have limited time or money to spare. READ MORE

Automated Retail’s ‘Fast and Frictionless’ Ambitions


In an interview with John Clarke, chief innovation officer and co-founder at Worldnet Payments, it is not technology that is changing consumer behavior. Rather, consumer behavior has already changed, with expectations for the ease of ecommerce to transition to the tangible realm. READ MORE

Research: Women Score Higher Than Men in Most Leadership Skills


In two 2012 articles, we discussed findings from our analysis of 360-degree reviews that women in leadership positions were perceived as being every bit as effective as men. In fact, while the differences were not huge, women scored at a statistically significantly higher level than men on the vast majority of leadership competencies we measured. We recently updated that research and had similar findings: that women in leadership positions are perceived just as – if not more – competent as their male counterparts. READ MORE

Instagram Rules Influencer Marketing with 77% Votes, Shows Study


Brands are not shying away from spending on influencer marketing as long as it breeds engagement and adds value to their communication strategy, shows a study by influencer marketing platform Buzzoka. Instagram led the choice of influencer marketing channels with 77% of votes, followed by Facebook with 54%, and Twitter with 42%. READ MORE

How Much Should You Tip Room Service?


Ask most travelers what they leave for room service, and chances are you’ll be met with a blank stare. The fact is, most of us don’t know! Tipping is hard! And, uh, do you happen to do it? READ MORE