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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Keep Your Travel Goods Showcase Coming


The new Post-Show issue of Travel Goods Showcase is en route to your mailbox. And with it, you’ll also receive the USPS-mandated subscription renewal card required for you to keep getting Travel Goods Showcase free of charge. Please return your completed postcard to maintain your subscription. Or better yet, fill out the form at to ensure uninterrupted delivery of the industry’s best news source, direct to your mailbox.

Be Up Front – Not an Also-ran


The Travel Goods Show is the industry’s leading edge, where retailers go to discover the year’s newest items. Their discoveries at The Show set expectations for the coming year – for themselves, and for manufacturers. Exhibiting at The Show puts you center stage, at the front of the ordering queue – instead of sidelined as open-to-buy. Get the attention you deserve at The Travel Goods Show in New Orleans, March 4-5, 2020 – contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702.

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Interview: Tariff Hikes on Chinese Goods Cripple U.S. Travel Goods Industry


Slapping additional tariffs on Chinese imports has a huge impact on American travel goods businesses, as China has always been U.S. companies' first-choice supplier, a business leader has said. Nate Herman, Director of Government Relations at the Travel Goods Association, told Xinhua in a recent interview that tariffs on Chinese goods have already taken a toll on the U.S. travel goods industry and led to damage. READ MORE

The 29 Riskiest Countries for Americans to Travel to


The U.S. State Department's public travel advisories outline the potential dangers Americans face traveling abroad. The agency uses four levels of travel guidance to inform potential visitors whether the country poses danger, or in some cases, is completely off-limits. These 29 countries are designated "reconsider travel" or "do not travel.” READ MORE

How Travel Brands are Getting Wellness Right


As Skift forecasted in our 2019 Megatrend, the macro movement toward wellness within the cultural outlook is stimulating some smart changes from the best brands in travel. The most progressive companies are bringing together outside experts with tech, mindfulness, and culinary specialties to make life better for their customers. READ MORE

Navigating the Pitfalls of Pet Air Travel


When pet owners want to fly with their animals, veterinarians are asked to sign off on the animal's fitness to fly, rather than its health status. But airlines' requirements can change suddenly and can differ depending on the carrier, making it hard to keep up with what documentation is required and when. READ MORE


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Welcome’s New App Will Do Your Travel Planning for You


Welcome is a new app that CEO Matthew Rosenberg said is designed for a more spontaneous approach to traveling. “What we’re going after is these millennials [and] Gen Z travelers who feel comfortable going in the moment,” Rosenberg told me. “Eighty-five percent of people aren’t even looking at activities before they arrive.” READ MORE

Swipe Right and Travel Around the World


Most people can only dream of traveling the world with someone they love, but dating app Bumble will let one lucky employee take this bucket list item to the next level. Bumble will soon begin paying a selected applicant to travel the world using its dating, networking, and friendship platforms – all of which are free and part of the Bumble app – to meet other users in England, Australia, and India, for example. READ MORE

5 Data-Backed Social Media Trends for 2019


Even if you're constantly active on social media, or consistently engaged in social media marketing, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and usage shifts – which you really need to know in order to align your strategy accordingly. This infographic from Awario provides an overview of the most recent social media marketing trends and shifts for 2019. READ MORE

Introducing Modern Retail, Digiday Media’s Newest Vertical


The retail industry is going through an unprecedented period of change – or, if you believe the headlines, heading towards an apocalypse. Digiday Media is excited to introduce Modern Retail, their new publication covering the ins and outs of retail’s reinvention. Modern Retail is on the frontlines of the industry’s ongoing shift, from Amazon’s increasing influence to the combined force of the direct-to-consumer upstarts. READ MORE

Stop Lying to Job Candidates About the Role


Too many hiring managers avoid telling candidates the truth about a job. Their logic is that if applicants find out how hard they will work or how boring the core of the open jobs are, they will walk away. This is a mistake. To hire effectively, you have to be honest about what working at your firm is like and what it takes to be successful. READ MORE

136-year-old Ship Crashes and Sinks Weeks After $1.7-million Renovation Debut


A newly restored 19th-century wooden German sailboat crashed and sank just days after hitting the water again. Five people were injured in the crash over the weekend, one seriously, according to Associated Press. The Elba No. 5 underwent a $1.7-million renovation that took nearly nine months to complete. It had resumed taking passengers on voyages only at the end of last month. READ MORE