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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Why Cast a Line? Cast a Net!


Why reach potential new prospects one at a time, hoping for a receptive moment, when you can be at The Travel Goods Show and reach the industry’s best retailers, at a time you know they're eager to discover new products and make new contacts? Give yourself the advantage of perfect timing, and a receptive audience – exhibit at The 2020 Travel Goods Show in New Orleans. Contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702, and take advantage of early bird discount pricing available only until July 1.

President Trump Pulls India's GSP Benefits Effective June 5


Last week, President Trump issued a proclamation withdrawing Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) benefits for India effective June 5. That means that as of yesterday, U.S. imports of travel goods and accessories from India are no longer duty-free. Instead, they now face normal tariffs on travel goods, which range from 8% on leather goods to 17.6-20% on textile and hardsided goods. President Trump continues to review GSP benefits for two other major travel goods suppliers – Indonesia and Thailand. TGA will continue to fight against removal of benefits for those countries.

President Trump Extends Deadline on Tranche 3 China Tariffs


On May 31, President Trump extended the deadline to make entry or withdraw from consumption Tranche 3 imports from China under the 10% tariff rate to June 15. The original deadline was June 1. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a message noting that they have not yet updated their systems to reflect the extension.

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U.S. Says China Playing “Blame Game” in Trade Battle


The U.S. has said China is playing a "blame game," misrepresenting trade talks between the two countries. In a statement, the Trump administration also accused China of "backpedaling" on trade agreements. The comments come in response to Beijing's release of a paper blaming Washington for the setback in talks. READ MORE

Here’s Some Cool Gear for Travel Warriors in 2019


Traveling today – whether across the state or around the world – can be stressful enough, so finding items that make it easier, more convenient and more comfortable is always a good thing. Here are a few items I have found that squarely fit that bill and make traveling better. READ MORE


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Are Micro-cations the Newest Millennial Travel Trend?


It’s no secret that the under-40 crowd are not the best at taking vacations. Even though Millennials love to travel, they often can’t or won’t go on trips due to work-related stress, finances, or simply the overwhelming task of planning a big getaway. Therefore, the micro-cation has become the most popular way for many Millennials to finally get out of the office. But what is a micro-cation anyway? READ MORE

Retail’s Transformation: A Mom-and-Pop Perspective


While all the attention-grabbing headlines focus on the retail changes for traditional department stores, a more vulnerable segment of the industry are the small business owners and mom-and-pop shops that make specialty special. Traditional retailing has shifted, and the changes are staying. Here's how small businesses are adapting. READ MORE

How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Without Losing Your Mind


We've all seen automating your social media marketing crash and burn miserably, from brands and influencers alike. Because building a large social media following on any platform is tedious, time-consuming and downright tough, finding ways to cut corners and automate the process is attractive. That being said, as seen with everything from spammy direct messages to unrelated, generic comments on your Tweets, it's clear many practitioners don't have it figured out yet. Here's how to do it right. READ MORE

Airstream Debuts Two New Compact Travel Trailers


At RVX – the RV industry’s new trade show ‐ this past spring, Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler told Curbed that customers can expect campers to trend smaller and lighter as brands work to attract younger generations. Now, Airstream is delivering on these promises with the revival of two single-axle models that were originally launched in the early 1960s: the Bambi and the Caravel. READ MORE

PayPal Announces New Payments Solution for Online Retailers


Allowing more smaller merchants onto its PayPal Commerce Platform is the online payment system's latest move toward strengthening its market position. Just over a year ago, the company acquired iZettle, a small business commerce platform that's popular in Europe and Latin America. The company has engaged in partnerships with other major brick-and-mortar retailers like 7-Eleven and Walmart, but this offering appears to be an effort to level the playing field between large and small businesses. READ MORE

How Millennials Want to Be Led


Millennials often get a bad wrap, on how they should work, act, and be led. However, the misleading factor in this struggle to guide Millennials may be our own definition of leading. Millennials aren’t looking for you to be their leader, but for you to be a team leader. READ MORE