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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Save! Early Bird Show Rates Extended to July 1


Recognizing that this is a difficult time for business decisions with the on-again/off-again China tariff situation and current economic climate, the TGA Board of Directors has voted to extend the Early Bird exhibitor discount for The 2020 Travel Goods Show to July 1. At $10 sq. ft., this is the biggest discount for space at the travel goods industry's premier event; you’ll save 57% off the Non-Member rate and 33% off the TGA Member rate. This is a very limited offer that will not be repeated. Book now, or get more info by contacting Cathy Trecartin, 877-842-1938, x-702,, for details.

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How Tariffs and Trade Could Impact Tourism and Summer Travel


Travel light – the escalating trade war between the U.S. and China could have a big impact on preparing for your summer travel plans. Both countries are standing firm on their tariffs, which will impact numerous industries from retail to manufacturing. According to the Travel Goods Association, 84% of all travel goods sold in the U.S. are imported from China. READ MORE


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Create a Separate Packing List When You Travel Overseas


I have at least six different packing lists saved as notes on my iPhone: some for long weekends, others for emergencies, and one specifically meant for long flights. While I’m probably overdoing it, here’s a quick tip: If you’re planning several trips in the near future, do yourself a favor now and create two separate packing lists at the very least: one in which you’re headed overseas and one for domestic travel. READ MORE

Embracing Experiential Retail Amid an Increasingly E-commerce-minded World


The digital sales floor offers some clear advantages over traditional retail spaces, both for the retailers themselves – who enjoy significant reductions in operating costs, among many other perks – and for the customers, for whom these innovations have meant unprecedented convenience, choice and a freer relationship with the free market. Yet, rumors of the death of physical retail appear to be greatly exaggerated. READ MORE

Millennials Shaping U.S. Retail Trends


Millennials have been trendsetters since they’ve come of age. Now, they’re changing the face of retail as a new study shows how they’re outspending other generations and shifting the way consumers shop. READ MORE

Thanks to Anti-vaxxers, a Measles Travel Ban May Be Coming


As any armchair epidemiologist can tell you, it’s really, really easy to spread disease through air travel. Now as measles become the hot new trend of 2019, health officials and federal authorities are considering banning people exposed to the measles from flying in the hopes of fighting the spread of the virus, which was declared eliminated in 2000. READ MORE

11 Social Media Marketing Tools to Bookmark Now


The workflow of a social media marketer can be chaotic and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Tools – like MobileMonkey, Meet Edgar and IFTTT, to name a few – help you get the job done and stay sane. Every social media marketer should have these 11 tools bookmarked for easy access (I know I do). Discover them now! READ MORE

Instagram Ruined Travel. A New Generation of Influencers is Trying to Fix It


Around the world, Instagram-friendly destinations are at their breaking point. In November, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board introduced a campaign encouraging visitors to “tag responsibly,” using a geotag for the region rather than specific locations within the park. It was an attempt to reduce over-tourism the board says has been caused by Instagram. READ MORE

How to Identify and Nurture the Leadership Potential of Your Employees


The task of identifying leaders challenges every company. That’s why it’s important to encourage every member of your team to think like a leader, no matter what job title he carries. If you wait to coach someone on leadership until he eventually occupies a managerial position, you’ll be too late. You should be teaching your employees to be leaders from day one. READ MORE

Despite Some Worrisome Signs, Robust Travel Economy Expected


While a number of aspects of the U.S. economy could affect people's propensity to travel, economists largely believe the outlook will remain strong for the foreseeable future. And at the moment, travel agencies are benefiting from a period of strong bookings for the next several years, signaling continued strength. READ MORE