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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Why Did We Miss You?


If you opted out of this year's Travel Goods Show, please take a moment to tell us why, and what's on your wish list that could entice you to join us in New Orleans next year. We keep hearing how valuable The Show is, for exhibitors and retailers alike, but if there is something we're missing we'd love to know and address it for 2020. Please share your reasons – timing, budget, perceived value, etc. – with Trade Show and Member Services Director Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702.

Now Viewing: Award-Winning All Stars


The awards presentation videos from this year's TGA Awards Ceremony are posted to TGA's YouTube channel. Have a look, and get inspired by this year's winners:

  • Community Service Award: Randa Luggage
  • Product Innovation Awards: Airhook, FUGU Luggage, Get Set Luggage, LiteGear Design, Nomatic
  • Buzz Award: Briggs & Riley
  • Best Booth Winners: Bracketron, Brookstone, Matador
And make plans to join us in person for the 2020 edition, March 3-5, in one of America's most fabulous tourist destinations: New Orleans.

TGA Opposes Withdrawal of GSP Benefits for India and Turkey


On April 4, TGA joined over 400 other organizations and companies in urging Congress to stop President Trump’s plan to withdraw Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) benefits for India and Turkey. Based on a March 4 announcement, President Trump can withdraw GSP benefits for India and Turkey at any time after May 3, with little or no notice. India is the third-largest supplier of travel goods to the U.S. market. Under GSP, U.S. imports of travel goods can enter the United States duty-free from most developing countries, including India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Thailand. TGA worked for many years to convince Congress and two Presidents to add travel goods to GSP back in 2016/2017 and will continue to fight to protect those benefits.

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The Latest Travel Accessories for Every Need, Real and Imagined


This year’s Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas placed less emphasis on “smart,” and veered more toward the functional and convenient sides of luggage. That meant a focus on locks, looks, leverage, and lightness wrapped into ever more expedient models of comfort. The following are our top ten must-have travel goods and accessories for 2019. READ MORE


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The "Amazon Effect": How is Retail Reacting?


The “Amazon Effect” has been systemic in the retail space and has caused brick-and-mortar retails to take huge valuation cuts. These retailers either have to admit defeat or pivot to accommodate this new pattern of online consumption. Here are a couple of apparel retail stocks that have been able to adapt to the changing retail environment. READ MORE

15 Ways to Fail at Social Media Marketing


Building a social media following is difficult. It requires patience, consistency and a commitment to learning what your audience wants and needs from your brand on social platforms. But all of that can be undone in an instant if you share the wrong things. Send out a misguided update and you can quickly turn people off, reversing your work to establish a connection. Want to know the mistakes that could be ruining your social media marketing strategy? The team from Inklyo share their social media fails to avoid in this infographic. READ MORE

The Best Train Trips to Take Across America


There's a romance to train travel – the leisurely pace of a rail trip compared to the hustle of an airport or a crowded highway encourages you to relax. There are the historic train stations and roomy seats, plus the chance to get up and walk around, visit the dining car, or just sit and take in the scenery passing by. There are many train journeys you can take across the U.S., with stops in exciting cities, historic landmarks, and national parks along the way. From Napa Valley to New England, here are 10 of the best train travel routes in the country. READ MORE

Amazon Go Stores to Accept Cash as Legislators Go After Cashless Retail


Amazon is responding to growing criticism of retailers that don’t accept cash, which advocates for the poor say is a discriminatory practice. The tech giant confirmed plans to start accepting cash at its Amazon Go convenience stores earlier this week as legislators across the country push for laws that ban cashless retail. Amazon did not provide a timeline for when it will implement its cash plan, which was first reported by CNBC. READ MORE