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TGA Industry News Briefs
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We're Headed for NOLA!


The Travel Goods Show is headed for New Orleans! Mark your calendars for March 3-5, 2020, when the world's greatest travel goods showcase hits one of North America's hottest tourist destinations. It's going to be an unbeatable combination of travel inspiration and product information. And it could only come from one place: The Travel Goods Show.

Get More of What You Want


We've just rolled up the carpets at The 2019 Travel Goods Show – which means we're planning for 2020, when The Show hits a real bucket list destination: New Orleans! It's going to be an all-new production, and we want your input during the planning stages. Please look to your inbox for the Post-Show Survey, and share your thoughts and opinions on this year's Show so we can make informed decisions about next year’s Show, coming to NOLA March 3-5.

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India Made an Offer to U.S. to Resolve Trade Issues


The commerce ministry of India, after consulting various departments like IT and agriculture, has made an offer to the U.S. to resolve trade issues between the two countries, Union Minister Suresh Prabhu said earlier this week. READ MORE


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Win It! A Gift Set from The Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas


“Extra” is giving a Travel Goods Show gift set to one lucky friend. The Travel Goods Show is produced by the Travel Goods Association, the global trade association for the travel goods industry. The Show is open exclusively to buyers and media and offers a peek into what's to come in travel trends for the year ahead. These four products are brand-new and debuted on the exhibit floor of this year's Show in Las Vegas from March 26-28. Enter here for a chance to win! READ MORE

Top 11 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019


All the available social media marketing options can make it hard for you to decide which are best for your business. We’ve compiled a list of 16 tools to give you an overview of some of the most popular options and an idea of what may be best for your team. READ MORE

Brain Corp. Debuts an Autonomous Delivery Robot for Factories and Retail


Admittedly, Brain Corp. sounds a bit like an evil corporation in some superhero comic, but the San Diego-based startup has generated some serious funding in recent years, including a $114 million Series C, led by SoftBank back in 2017. The company’s been putting that money to work, announcing this week the launch of an in-store autonomous delivery robot. READ MORE

10 Surprising Things Successful Leaders Do Differently


Over the last three years, I’ve interviewed over 200 highly successful CEOs, military officers, entrepreneurs and leadership gurus. I always get them to reveal their number one secret to leadership; what advice would they give to a younger version of themselves? After analyzing their answers 10 themes emerged. READ MORE

The Best Trips to Take in Your 50s


AARP’s Travel Trends survey indicates that Baby Boomers will take four to five trips a year, about half to “relax and rejuvenate” and half to “get away from everyday life.” When visiting international destinations, they want to interact and tour with locals, dine on authentic foods, and enjoy cultural experiences. There are many ways of accomplishing those travel goals, and we’ve gathered some ideas for journeys that will inspire 50-somethings to get out their calendars and start making plans. READ MORE