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TGA Industry News Briefs
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2019 TGA Awards Recap


Last night, immediately following Day 2 of The Travel Goods Show, industry leaders, retailers and media gathered for the TGA Awards Ceremony. We’re excited to share this year’s winners, who are paving the way in design, innovation, good deeds, and leadership.

Product Innovation Awards
• Best New Design – LuggageRollux by FUGU Luggage  
• Best New Design – BusinessTravel Pack by NOMATIC
• Best New Design – AccessoriesAirhook 2.0 by Airhook
• Best Use of TechnologyGet Set Luggage
• Most Eco-Friendly Product3-in-1 Gear Bag by LiteGear
The Buzz Award
Torq Carry-on Spinnerby Briggs & Riley
Best Booth Award
• 100 Sq. Ft. Bracketron
• 200-300 Sq. Ft. Brookstone Travel Accessories
• 400-600 Sq. Ft. Matador

Check Those Mailboxes!


It's the last day of the The Travel Goods Show and if you're here in Las Vegas we hope you enjoyed this preview of all the new-for-2019 travel gear – thank you for being part of The Show. And if you missed it, look for the Post-Show issue of Travel Goods Showcase magazine for the recap and highlights coming to your mailbox soon. And make plans to join us March 3-5, 2020 in New Orleans to experience The Show first hand.

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