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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Top White House Officials Plan China Trip to Work Out Trade Deal Differences


White House officials had hoped that President Trump would be able to host Chinese President Xi Jinping by the end of this month so that the two countries could announce a formal accord, but talks have bogged down over disagreements about how to enforce a new deal and Trump’s demand for far-reaching changes in China’s state-led economic system. READ MORE


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The Best Travel Apps to Use in 2019


Things can get overwhelming when you travel. Countless articles and hours of television have been devoted to questions like “What to pack?” “When should I buy a flight for the cheapest price?” “How do I get the most affordable hotel rates?” But no worries – we’re here to help. With just a handful of (mostly free) tried and tested apps, any trip can be a breeze. READ MORE

Should Online Retailers Blacklist Shoppers Who Return Too Much?


Today's retail landscape is tough – and getting tougher. Businesses are under increasing pressure, from reduced margins to online competition, and now they're facing another problem. I'm talking about “serial returners” – consumers that deliberately buy more items than they plan to keep and plan to return some later. READ MORE

10 Popular Myths About Leadership and How to Overcome Them


Close your eyes for a second and conjure-up a mental image of a leader. What do you see? Leaders are often viewed as someone who is decisive, smart and outgoing. The problem with this generalization is that it can prevent some potentially strong leaders from pursuing leadership roles or reaching their full potential. With that in mind, let’s identify 10 popular myths about leadership so you can discover new opportunities and effectively take charge of your team. READ MORE

How to Keep Marketing Your Business During a Facebook Outage (or Other Social Media Downtime)


With an increasing number of small business owners searching for an alternative and cost-effective solution to promote their businesses, it’s no wonder why Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape. But what happens when there’s a Facebook outage (or other social media downtime) that prevents valuable users from accessing the platform, ultimately hindering them from stumbling upon your sponsored business posts? READ MORE