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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Now's the Time to Get Ahead


Register today, and skip the line at The Travel Goods Show, the most important event on the industry calendar. Get exclusive sneak peeks of the new 2019 travel gear, with valuable hands-on insight and direct interaction with the best vendors in travel products. Book your travel now, and maximize your time at The Show – bypass the on-site registration line and register now.

Come Visit! TGA in NYC this Weekend


Come experience the first-ever Travel Goods Pavilion at The New York Times Travel Show this weekend, from Friday, Jan. 25 to Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Javits Center in New York City. Fourteen TGA members will proudly exhibit their wares at one of the country's largest travel shows, the perfect teaser to the largest exhibition of travel goods in the world – The Travel Goods Show – this March. If you'd like to come walk the floor and visit the Travel Goods Pavilion, TGA has a limited number of complimentary tickets remaining. Please email Kate Ryan to be registered for The New York Times Travel Show and note that the remaining tickets are first-come, first-served. Hope to see you in New York!

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3 Surprising Retail Trends That Emerged from NRF’s Big Show


The National Retail Federation (NRF)’s conference last week featured the usual gadgets and gizmos to show attendees the future of retail. Buzzwords like AI and blockchain abounded at panels and in booths. Some trends, like personalization and digital transformation, stood out more than others for some attendees. Here are takeaways that industry insiders identified during the conference. READ MORE

7 Key Changes Travelers Can Expect in 2019


The new year is already bringing new challenges for travelers, as well as new questions. According to industry experts willing to prognosticate, the coming 12 months will usher in a mix of good news, bad news and uncertain news. For anyone planning to travel in 2019, it pays to consider their warnings. READ MORE

How to Increase Engagement in Millennial Retail Workers


Internal communication within a retail company can be a challenge. With remote workers and a dispersed workforce, it can be tough to measure the engagement of communications. Especially in retail, I believe the way employees communicate with each other within an organization is likely to be reflected in how they interact with customers. Here are some steps organizations can take to make sure millennials are as engaged and productive as possible. READ MORE


Travel Megatrends 2019: Brands Give Travelers More Control Over Their Experience


As travelers have become wiser and more empowered by digital tools, they are now looking to more actively determine the shape and contours of their trips when they are already in a destination. Having an increased level of choice and flexibility at the fingertips of travelers will lead to a new era as travel brands act as trusted guides and enablers of the rarest and most valuable travel phenomenon: serendipity. READ MORE

Leadership Lessons from Your Inner Child


By tapping into their inner child, leaders can blend the bold thinking and action of childhood while maintaining responsibility to the bottom line – an important balance in digital leadership. READ MORE

How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle While You Travel for Work


Long haul flights, sleep deprivation and the pressures of work can make business travel stressful and exhausting. It's hard to keep your health goals on track when you're jet-lagged and possibly dealing with a major weather change, preparing for a critical presentation, and facing the temptation of indulgent client dinners. These tips can help you clear your head, lower your heart rate, keep you focused, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. READ MORE

The 14 Travel Mistakes Even Experienced Travelers Make


Don't feel bad. We all make mistakes when we travel – even the most experienced among us. In fact, certain mistakes we keep making over and over again, despite knowing that there are very easy ways around them. Sometimes you just forget the lessons you've learned. Other times you decide it's just more fun to get things wrong regardless. Whatever the reason, these are the mistakes you'll probably continue to make your whole travelling life. READ MORE

Want Clubby Cachet? Stay at a Private Club


As more boutique hotels offer a retro, club-like experience, some travelers have discovered that they prefer the real thing: lodging overnight in private, 19th-century clubs. So-called city clubs offer culture, history and a sense of belonging under one landmark roof, and, although it might sound counterintuitive, are often cheaper than hotels. READ MORE

Shutdown Squeezes Every Part of Air Travel


The government shutdown is fraying U.S. air travel in ways big and small, not just spawning long security lines at some airports but canceling some pilot training, delaying purchases of bag-scanning equipment and preventing some companies from adding new planes. READ MORE

You Can Now Hire an “Instagram Boyfriend” for the Day for $1,200 in Rome


If you didn't post on Instagram from your vacation, did you even really go? But the trouble is, getting great snaps of yourself looking candid relies on having a decent photographer – the phenomenon of the "Instagram boyfriend" is very real – but what do you do if you're single? A tour company has launched a new package providing travelers with professional photographers to follow them around the Italian capital for the day, taking gorgeous photos for the 'gram as they go. READ MORE