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Reality: Check!


When 50% of the email that reaches inboxes is spam, and less than 35% of email is even opened, online communication is no match for real-life connection. Make hands-on contact with the world's best travel goods retailers at The Travel Goods Show March 26-28, 2019, in Las Vegas. There's no place where retailers are more receptive to new products and vendors, and no better time to set the tone for the 2019 selling season. Discover how The Show can augment your 2019 market presence: Contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702.

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U.S. Shutdown Turns Washington into Ghost Town During Quiet Travel Season


Washington hotels have cleared out entire floors. Restaurants have considered taking out loans to stay open. Phones have stopped ringing at tour companies. In the nation’s capital, where more than 20 million tourists typically visit each year, the longest government shutdown in U.S. history has threatened businesses that depend on the patronage of government workers and the attraction of federal monuments and museums to bring in tourists. READ MORE

New Year, New Opportunities: A Retail Owner’s Checklist


Retail business owners and managers are familiar with giving annual employee reviews, using them as an opportunity to give feedback about staff performance. However, employee performance should not be the only area that retailers assess each year. As we begin a new year, now is a great time to start thinking about how your business’s performance from the past year could change your goals and strategy in 2019. READ MORE

Recession Threat Has Retailers Thinking Twice About Big Decisions


What does the U.S. economy have in store for retailers in 2019? For many, it looks to be a waiting game. Businesses are waiting for economic data and holiday-quarter earnings to come out before they make decisions on how much and where to invest. They’re waiting to see if the economy is slipping into a recession. Waiting to see if global trade tensions rise or ease. And waiting to see if consumers pull back on discretionary spending should their tax refunds shrink. READ MORE

9 Trends to Watch for Social Media Marketers


What are the shifts that businesses should be following closely? Which features, content types and tactics have the potential to significantly affect social media marketing efforts in the months ahead? Here are nine of the key social media trends every brand should watch closely in 2019. READ MORE