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TGA Industry News Briefs
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The Weakness in Waiting


This is no time for wait-and-see tactics. Retailers will be coming to The Travel Goods Show looking for signs, anxious in the face of the federal shutdown, possible new tariffs and the ongoing trade war with China. Exhibiting at The Show projects strength. Being absent sends a different message – and you won't be there to tell your story. Show your strength: Contact Cathy Trecartin, (, 877-842-1938, x-702), and join the industry's best from March 26-28, 2019, in Las Vegas.

GSP Country Reviews of India, Indonesia, and Thailand Continue


The Trump administration has continued its reviews of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) benefits for India, Indonesia, and Thailand into this year. Rumors are that the reviews for each country will conclude before the end of first quarter 2019. The rumor is that U.S. government negotiations with India and Thailand have not made much progress, meaning that the Trump administration could decide to remove some or all GSP benefits from the countries. TGA has heard that negotiations have gone better with Indonesia, but that the country is not out of the woods yet. TGA will continue to make the case that U.S. imports of travel goods from all three countries – India, Indonesia, and Thailand – should continue to be duty-free under the GSP program. If the Trump administration chooses to remove GSP benefits for only certain products from India and Thailand, TGA will work to make sure travel goods are not on that list. TGA will keep members apprised of the status of the reviews.

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How AI is Making Business Travel Better


If you travel for business, you've likely interacted with artificial intelligence (AI). AI is being used to make it quicker and easier to book a flight, check a suitcase, get GPS directions, notify travelers of flight changes, and more. Here are some of the most helpful and innovative uses for business travelers. READ MORE

The Best Time of Day to Book Your Next Flight


Skyscanner, a travel fare aggregator website, broke down exactly the best times to book your next flight in 2019, all the way down to the hour, in a new report published earlier this month. According to Skyscanner’s research, the best time to book on any given day is around 5:00 a.m. READ MORE

Can a Legacy E-Commerce Brand Help Revive Brick-and-Mortar Retail?


eBay nets nearly 707 million monthly visits and has the second-most visits per visitor after Amazon, meaning loyal customers and sellers frequently come back to the site. Launched early in 2018, Retail Revival has been billed as a digital boot camp. The company provides participating retailers with a suite of classes and resources during the year-long program, teaching eBay-selling basics, strategies to best use eBay’s platform, and tools to boost business. READ MORE


It’s the Golden Age of Traditional Retail, Not Its End Days


A lot of people will say that traditional retail is dying. They’ll point to the rising prominence of e-commerce, which accounts for less than 10% of total retail in the U.S. and a whopping 15% or more of total retail in China, as diminishing opportunities for traditional retail. But the reality is that, thanks to technology, the future of traditional retail has never been brighter. READ MORE

Is Instagram Ruining Travel?


There’s an endless supply of articles bemoaning Instagram “ruining” photography and even “ruining” travel. Is the Instagram generation affecting beautiful locales across the globe? READ MORE

The Return of Retail and 5 Other Direct-to-Consumer Trends to Watch in 2019


In 2018, it looked like there was no end in sight when it came to what direct-to-consumer brands were willing to experiment with. Many brands opened pop-up shops, some made acquisitions, and several expanded their product lines. This year, trends will include more retail, disruption in new categories like the kitchen, and valuation corrections. READ MORE

5 Ways to Build a Leadership Pathway


Even if you are not yet a leader, there are ways to build your own pathway to leadership by becoming the best possible employee. Here are five stepping stones to becoming a better employee and thus building a pathway to leadership. READ MORE