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TGA Industry News Briefs
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A Brand New Start


It's 2019, the start of a successful new year. Which should include the all-new 2019 Travel Goods Show. There's a slate of improvements that will draw a new audience, bring new excitement, and introduce a whole new generation of retailers to the industry. You won't want to miss out, but you could – space is going fast. Get your 2019 off to a roaring start – contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702, and secure space at the event that will introduce more new-for-2019 travel products than any other: The Travel Goods Show, March 26-28, 2019, in Las Vegas.

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U.S. Trade Rep. Lighthizer Thinks More Tariffs Could Be Needed to Get Meaningful China Concessions


U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has warned President Donald Trump that additional tariffs on Chinese imports may be needed to get meaningful concessions in trade negotiations, according to The New York Times. Lighthizer, who is taking the lead in trade negotiations with China, has told friends and associates he is intent on preventing Trump from accepting “empty promises” like temporary increases in soybean purchases, the newspaper said. In order to avoid this, the U.S. may have to slap tariffs on more Chinese goods, Lighthizer reportedly said. READ MORE

Travel Resolutions for 2019: Top Picks from Skift Staff


Skift staffers are an ambitious bunch, especially when it comes to travel. That’s only fitting for a company that seeks to define the future of travel; we have to know what we’re talking about. The common thread: everyone wants a richer, more meaningful travel experience – whatever that means to them. The travel industry is forever trying to unlock the secret of meeting customers’ shifting demands. Maybe a few keys can be found here. READ MORE

The Surprisingly Bright Future of Retail


This past year, brands have been throwing retail concepts against the wall to see what sticks. But in 2019, we predict that brands and consumers will settle into a new normal with stores. There will be fewer gimmicks, but shopping will be ever more seamless. It’s just one of the many ways retail will be transformed in 2019. Here’s the full list of our predictions. READ MORE

New Countries Added to Popular Europe Rail Pass for 2019


Heads up, European travelers: You can add a few more destinations to your itinerary if you're traveling via the Eurail Global Pass this year. The Eurail Global Pass will now include Great Britain, Lithuania and Macedonia, allowing unlimited train travel in 31 countries. READ MORE

30 Safest Places to Travel in 2019


Safety should always be a top priority when traveling the world and the good news is that there's no shortage of safe and secure destinations worth visiting in the New Year. Here are 30 to consider for 2019. READ MORE


10 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019


With the start of a new year, it’s time to look into the crystal ball of emerging trends on social media. What is going to influence social media users? What does this mean for brand marketing? And what do we need to be aware of to stay current and relevant in 2019? Here are the top 10 social media trends to keep an eye on in the new year. READ MORE

Five Trends That Defined "New Retail" in 2018


The year 2018 is coming to a close. Love it or hate it, 2018 will likely go down as another year when we said goodbye to a few age-old brands and retailers while simultaneously welcoming the emergence of new brands shaped to suit the continually-evolving expectations of the modern shopper. Here are 5 things we learned this year. READ MORE

A Simple Way to Get Your Leadership Team Aligned on Strategy


Leadership teams are often misaligned on strategy, even though they don’t seem to be on the surface. The problem is that in team meetings, people tend to publicly agree with the company’s direction (particularly if the boss is present). But when it comes time to allocate resources to a new agreed-upon strategy, the seeming agreement turns into active resistance. Few are willing to spare the needed resources. One solution is anonymous real-time digital polling. By having team members vote in real-time, differences of opinion are readily revealed. This then can lead to focused discussion and consensus-building. READ MORE

5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Win in 2019


Social media is always evolving, and so are the content consumption habits of users. Marketers must keep themselves abreast of the latest trends so that they can equip themselves to better plan and devise their social marketing strategy. As a marketer, do keep the following top five social media marketing trends in mind for 2019. READ MORE

10 Strange Items the TSA Found in People's Luggage in 2018


Every year, the TSA screens about 700 million travelers across nearly 450 airports. That’s more than 2 million passengers each day. And while most people pass through security checkpoints without incident, a handful of travelers are stopped every day – sometimes for attempting to lug some truly bizarre items to their departing gate. Thanks to the TSA’s Webby-winning Instagram account – made famous by the agency’s late social media guru Bob Burns, who passed away in October – officials have kept track of the wackier things airport security agents saw in 2018. READ MORE