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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Count on It


Given current economic developments and political events, the economic forecast isn't entirely clear. But while it might be difficult to see what lies ahead, one thing is clear: Change is inevitable. Which is why it's more important than ever to exhibit at The Travel Goods Show. Times like this are when retailers question existing relationships, and are more open to exploring new ones. A booth at The Show is a stake in the sand, a declaration that you're here for your customers and will weather this out with them – that you're a company they can count on. Book your space now – contact Cathy Trecartin at 877-842-1938, x-702;

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Trump's China Trade War Not Bringing Jobs Back to U.S.


President Trump thought his tariffs on Chinese imports would compel American companies that use Chinese labor to bail out of China and move those jobs to the U.S. He was half right. American manufacturers are leaving or considering leaving China, but they’re not moving their operations to the U.S., according to a report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in South China. READ MORE


Are Digital Marketplaces the Future of Retail?


The stats are in: digital marketplaces are surging. But who will be the winners – besides Amazon – when the holiday season wraps? We review new marketplace survey data and share our take on what will set successful marketplaces apart. READ MORE

Leadership Interactions: How Are You Lighting Up the Brains of Your People?


The greatest of all leaders understand that methods, tools, technologies, protocols, and systems do not achieve results. People do. Therefore, it is people with whom organizational leaders must form a long-lasting, positive, emotional connection. This connection is actually a physical connection in people’s brains. So here is a question to ponder: Do the high-performance areas of the brains of your people light up when you walk into the room, or when you walk out? READ MORE

5 Sleep Tricks for Frequent Travelers, According to Sleep Psychologists


Clinical Psychologist and Fellow at The American Academy of Sleep Medicine Dr. Michael J. Breus explains that new environments, unpredictable schedules, and a lack of consistency or comfort can all contribute to poor sleep hygiene, making it essential to implement some important practices. I found workarounds that somehow led to seven hours of sleep nearly every night. Here, a few I swear by as a sensitive sleeper. READ MORE

Five Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


Everybody makes mistakes. The fact is, making too many mistakes when it comes to social media can lead to a dwindling of followers, which can affect the revenue of a business. Let’s discuss the top five common social media marketing mistakes that one must avoid in 2019. READ MORE

The Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel, According to Frequent Fliers


Your laptop sees a lot of handling while traveling – taking it out for the TSA screening, bringing it back out to squeeze in a few minutes of work in the lounge, repacking it to board. Getting a dedicated laptop backpack will make sure that your prized possession is kept safe and snug in its sleeve, and easily removed or returned when you need it to be. We talked to a few seasoned travelers to find the absolute best laptop backpack picks on the market – here are our selections. READ MORE

Black Friday Deals on Travel. Too Early?


Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend mark the start of another holiday season. Mark your calendar for Friday, November 23, 2018 – when you can scoop up Black Friday deals on travel. However, is it possible to book some Black Friday 2018 travel deals early? Read on to learn more. READ MORE