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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Consumer Day Postponed


TGA’s Board of Directors voted this week to postpone the launch of Consumer Day at The Travel Goods Show. Most industry members were open to the idea, but a change of this magnitude was a source of uncertainty for some exhibitors and attendees. “The industry climate is in flux for a variety of reasons, including increased China tariffs and the global situation in general,” said TGA President Michele Marini Pittenger. “With these developments, it’s no longer an appropriate time to introduce such a big new variable to The Show.” READ MORE

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'He Wants Them to Suffer More': Inside Trump's China Bet


President Trump has no intention of easing his tariffs on China, according to three sources with knowledge of his private conversations. Instead, these sources say he wants Chinese leaders to feel more pain from his tariffs – which he believes need more time to fully kick in. READ MORE

White House Trade Adviser Navarro on Tariffs: 'The Ball's in China's Court'


White House trade adviser Peter Navarro wouldn't offer a time frame earlier this week for how long it will take President Trump to reach a trade deal with China amid escalating rounds of tariffs. "The ball's in China's court," he said in an interview with CNN chief business correspondent Christine Romans. Trade talks between the two countries stalled after Trump said in September that he'd move forward with his biggest round of tariffs yet, hitting $200 billion of imports. READ MORE

Texas Retailer Faces the Unknown Impact of Tariffs


Tiffany Williams, owner of the Luggage Shop in Lubbock, Texas, said tariffs on travel goods imported from China will be detrimental to her business. "The threat of these tariffs and the impact they'll have is a huge unknown," Williams, a third-generation retailer, said. Her suppliers are already warning that costs will increase. "It's hard to imagine a consumer being willing to pay 25% more for a suitcase," she said. Watch the video.

11 Most Stylish Laptop Bags for Travel


Laptop bags aren’t just for the business traveler anymore – and they’re no longer relegated to the humble padded messenger bag. Stylish laptop bags now range from trendy backpacks to designer tote bags, and the best ones will protect your hardware as much as they complement your style. READ MORE


Retailers Flummoxed About How to Handle 'Serial Returners'


Amazon's announcement in May that it would institute a lifetime ban for customers that habitually return merchandise is influencing retailers of all sizes to mull similar policies, in light of their own rising problem of escalating returns, according to a report from omnichannel retail management firm Brightpearl. READ MORE

Is Amtrak Becoming Like the Airlines?


Like many other riders and consumer advocates, I’ve started to note “airline creep” working its way into Amtrak’s policies, pricing, fees and service. It’s little wonder, since the former CEO of Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines is now the CEO of the nation’s train line. So it’s also little wonder those of us who love riding the rails are now asking: Is Amtrak turning into a low-cost airline? READ MORE

10 Under-the-radar Places to Visit in 2019


The world is getting smaller. Thanks to faster, cheaper, longer flights, far-flung destinations are easier to reach than ever before. That doesn't mean there aren't still a few stones left unturned, though. has put together its top 10 up-and-coming destinations for 2019 – and there are some seriously under-the-radar places to visit. READ MORE

What the Very Best Luxury Brands Can Teach the Travel Industry


A new study finds that the more consumers trust a brand, the more successful it is likely to be. Easy to say, but in an era of rapidly evolving trends and tastes, how can brands maintain that trust while reinventing their offerings? Luxury companies have proven especially adept at navigating these choppy waters. READ MORE

A Critical Leadership Problem Many Companies Don't Even Know They Have


Organizations just expect managers to know how to coach, communicate, counsel and correct performance. The problem, sadly, is that they don’t know how. In a study last year, the Society of Human Resource Management found that 93% of managers surveyed needed training on how to coach the employees reporting to them. READ MORE

How to Use Social Media to Drive a Better Customer Experience


As social media platforms have made sharing your own messages harder than ever (without paying for ads), they’ve made it easier to interact with your customers and hear what they have to say. With a few updates and adjustments to your social strategies, you’ll find a significant value for your business in using social to optimize your customer experience and increase loyalty and advocacy. Here are a few key tips on how to think strategically about how to use social to support and enhance your overall customer experience. READ MORE

These Are Officially the Best Halloween Haunts in America


If you’re looking to have a spooktacular October, the Haunted Attraction Association is here to help. As the “only official association in the haunt industry,” the HAA takes its job of promoting safe and ethical haunted places very seriously. With that, it’s now revealing its list of the 31 top haunted attractions across the U.S. READ MORE