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TGA Industry News Briefs
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The Travel Goods Show
Travel Is...Everyday


The 2019 Travel Goods Show website is now live and ready for exhibitors and attendees to apply and register online. No matter whether you're an exhibitor, a buyer, a retailer, a manufacturer, or an industry enthusiast who can't wait to find out what the future of travel looks like, The Travel Goods Show is an absolute must-attend event! The Show gives you that first-hand, industry insider glimpse into the latest travel gear and accessories. So don't wait, register today, because Travel Is…Everyday. Contact Cathy Trecartin today to exhibit at the all-new Show: 877-842-1938, x-702.

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U.S. Trade Talks with China on 'Hiatus,' Commerce Secretary Ross Says


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said earlier this week that U.S.-China trade talks are on hiatus. "I don't know that I would call it a continued impasse. We are where we are. And in any negotiation, there are ups and downs," Ross said. "There are hiatuses and there are much more active periods. So, it appears as though we may be in something of a hiatus now." READ MORE

5 Instagram Marketing Trends We Will See in 2019


Instagram is one of the most important and most powerful marketing tools today. In turn, we need to constantly stay updated with all of Instagram’s latest developments and the trends that govern it. Here is some insight on the most popular trends that are expected to rule Instagram marketing in 2019. READ MORE

The Best and Worst Days to Travel this Thanksgiving and Christmas


When we talk about the “best” fares around the holidays, that designation is relative to already-inflated prices. But there are some significantly cheaper times to fly during a holiday week or weekend – and those dates are typically the less-popular travel days, which means you’ll also be more likely have a stress-free airport experience. READ MORE



Will Your Face Be Enough to Get You on a Plane?


Facial recognition may soon be coming to an airport security line near you. Earlier this week, the Transportation Security Administration released a 23-page report outlining changes it is proposing on how passengers are screened before boarding their flights. Key among those changes is the proposal that passports and other forms of identification will eventually be replaced by biometric technology. READ MORE

Why Print Catalogs Are Still Important in the Age of Amazon


Armed with a rich roster of information on customer transactions and preferences, retailers are using catalogs and direct-mail products to focus on reaching those who spend more, or are likely to spend more. It also makes for a more intimate and less crowded form of advertising than Facebook, Google or email. READ MORE

Should You Give Your Star Employees Star Treatment?


What can you do to keep your star performers motivated? Since engagement is a critical driver of performance, minimizing the gap between what your stars can do and actually do will be vital to achieving the highest level of collective output. Here are a few data-driven suggestions. READ MORE

The Hotel and Travel Research That Should Be on Your Radar


Because there are many facets to the hotel industry, there is always a great need to gather and disseminate information so that hoteliers can understand how to strategize and capitalize. Hotel Management has compiled some of the most current research that should be on hoteliers’ radars. Here’s what you need to know for your next strategy session. READ MORE

Lust Meets Wanderlust: Why Everyone Uses Travel Photos on Their Dating Profiles


Travel is integral to how we market ourselves while dating. There is no doubt that we take some of our best pictures while traveling, but dating and travel are connected beyond the photo-ops. People find others who value travel more desirable, despite the fact that vacationing is usually a tangential part of our lives. Why is an activity that most spend upward of 350 days a year not doing seen as an attractive expectation and not a preference of the privileged? And what does the prioritization of travel say about who we are and who we want to date? READ MORE