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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Travel is Changing, But Travel Goods Are Forever


What's the future of travel? Electric vehicles and green transit? Rideshare bikes and cars? Adventure trekking and service-oriented vacations? Or luxe accommodations and glam travel? No matter what, travel goods will always be essential to the experience, just like The Travel Goods Show will always provide the best face time and insight to the world's travel goods retailers, the public face of the industry. The Show is the single best way to connect with the industry's consumer-level players, the ones who can most influence sales. Build your retailer network, and book Show space now. Contact Cathy Trecartin to be part of the all-new Show: 877-842-1938, x-702;

TGA Continues to Fight Trump’s 10% Punitive Tariffs on U.S. Imports of Travel Goods from China, Which Will Rise to 25% on January 1


On September 24, President Trump imposed a 10% punitive tariff on U.S. imports of ALL travel goods from China. Those tariffs will rise to 25% on January 1, 2019. The 10% tariffs are in addition to the tariffs we already pay on U.S. imports of travel goods. On September 26, TGA urged the Trump administration to create an exclusion process for the new tariffs. President Trump’s decision to not allow an exclusion process ignores the hardships these new duties will impose on the U.S. travel goods industry and its 100,000 American workers. Read more here about what TGA is doing to fight the tariffs.

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How the New FAA Bill Will Affect Air Travelers


After three years of toil, Congress has produced a massive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill, a 1,200-page doorstopper that addresses passengers’ biggest pet peeves: tight coach seating, annoying airline fees, and transparency in pricing. Here’s where this epic bill comes down on a number of hot-button items. READ MORE


How to Improve Your Travel Literacy


Now that vacation season is over, it’s time to start thinking about ways to improve your travel literacy – loosely defined as your ability to get around without looking like a clueless tourist – before your next trip. READ MORE

New Full-Scale Hyperloop Passenger Capsule Revealed


A new, full-size Hyperloop capsule designed to carry passengers at 1,000 kilometers per hour (620 mph) was unveiled earlier this week, offering a glimpse at what could be the future of travel. Hyperloop is the mega-fast, cutting edge transport technology first envisioned by controversial business magnate Elon Musk. It's designed to transport people through low-pressure steel tubes at speeds to match a typical passenger aircraft. READ MORE

A Complete Guide to Bringing Animals on Flights


This past year most domestic airlines tightened their rules regarding trained service animals, emotional support animals (ESAs) and psychiatric animals on airplanes. The airlines would like the Department of Transportation to clarify and tighten the overall rules for service and ESAs on planes. But while waiting for the government to act, individual airlines are rolling out their own updated policies. Here’s a list of those policies as well as links to airline pet policies for passengers who may need to pony up the cash and fly by the rules. READ MORE

Five People Management Hacks for the Digital Economy


According to experts, the trend towards free agency is only going to accelerate in the coming years, raising a critical question for full-time employers: How to retain and motivate traditional fulltime employees when 40% of the workforce has total freedom? To successfully address this challenge, organizations must understand and practice these five people management hacks. READ MORE