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TGA Industry News Briefs
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First Impressions Are Forever


The new issue of Travel Goods Showcase has dropped in the mail, with big news about the all-new 2019 Travel Goods Show. This will be the most heavily promoted Show in TGA history, with a big PR/advertising push appealing to a much broader retail audience. It’s a huge opportunity to make a memorable first impression – and one you don't want to miss. Space is going fast, but there's still time to nab a choice spot on the floor plan if you act now. Contact Cathy Trecartin to be part of the all-new Show: 877-842-1938, x-702;

25% Punitive Tariffs on U.S. Travel Goods Imports from China Could Come This Week. TGA Members, We Need Your Help!


Rumors persist that President Trump will announce 25% punitive tariffs on all U.S. imports of travel goods and $200 billion worth of other products from China as early as this week. An announcement of tariffs by Trump this week would make a mockery of the public review process, which ended on September 6. Over 350 witnesses testified at the government hearing and the government received over 6,000 written submissions. TGA and dozens of its members (Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4, Sample 5, Sample 6, Sample 7, Sample 8, Sample 9, Sample 10, Sample 11, Sample 12, Sample 13) submitted comments opposing the tariffs. The fight is not over! TGA has joined a newly formed coalition to fight the tariffs – Americans for Free Trade. TGA urges all of you to join to the coalition – it’s FREE! TGA’s own Tiffany Zarfas Williams, owner of the Luggage Shop of Lubbock, spoke at the September 12th launch of the coalition on behalf of our industry. We need you, your colleagues and your family to e-mail President Trump and tell him to stop these tariffs. Please contact TGA's Nate Herman at 202-853-9351 or if you'd like to talk to the press, if you have questions, or if you would like additional information.

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Trump Duties Spur Industry Campaign to De-escalate Trade War


Trade associations representing farmers, retailers and manufacturers and other industries are joining forces in a new multi-million-dollar campaign to oppose President Donald Trump’s tariffs, in the latest attempt by U.S. business to stop an escalating trade war. READ MORE

How to Craft a Successful Retail Customer Experience


One of the best – and quickest – approaches to a successful retail experience is understanding that a customer experience does not end once the purchase transaction has ended, according to Pam Slim, author, consultant and small business expert. In fact, said Slim, one of the best ways to quickly and effectively enhance the customer experience is to take advantage of this final in-store moment to extend that customer connection, whether it takes place in person or online. READ MORE

Augmented Reality Doesn’t Have to Be Just a Marketing Gimmick


KLM has been experimenting with Augmented Reality and how it might be applied to the customer journey. At the Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm, Stijn Bannier, Product Manager of Mobile at KLM, shared his team’s learnings from AR and mapped out the points along the journey where it can be more than just a curiosity for marketing promotion. READ MORE

How Hotels and Airlines Are Helping Out Ahead of Hurricane Florence


As Hurricane Florence makes its way across the Atlantic, a hurricane warning is in effect for the coasts of South and North Carolina. Nearly 2 million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes. In advance of the hurricane’s impact, hotels and airlines are offering waivers and assistance. READ MORE


Travel Tech Startups Are Scooping Up VC Cash by the Bucketload


Online travel platforms are hot. At least that‘s what the recent flurry of venture capital investments that have landed in tech startups’ laps suggests. This week, Paris-based Evaneos announced an $81 million round of funding led by Partech, taking the startup’s total funding to $109 million. Evaneos is an online marketplace that lets you tailor and book experiences using local travel agents anywhere in the world. READ MORE

Friction is Your Retail Enemy


Customers do not want friction; they want smooth, seamless and painless experiences. That is not news to retailers, who have been feeling the pressure from new market entrants ever since e-commerce went mainstream. It seems the notion of the “retail apocalypse” is finally losing steam as people start to get beyond the hype and focus on the hard facts. READ MORE

Walmart Plans to Test In-store Wireless Charging Technology


Walmart is working with Ossia, a company that develops wireless over-the-air power charging technology for various devices. Walmart, the first retailer to agree to a pilot with Ossia, potentially could save money on electricity costs by using the technology to charge in-store devices such as mobile smartphones, electronic shelf labels, wireless barcode scanners, beacons, cameras and other devices that might be part of a store's internal Internet of Things infrastructure. READ MORE

How to Balance Experience and Youth for Powerful Leadership


In this historic time, when there are five generations simultaneously in the workforce, the “modern elder” can play a critical role up and down the organizational chart, from quietly mentoring senior, but less seasoned leaders, to serving as a source of ideas that impact an entire organization’s culture based on previous experience and best practices. READ MORE

Micro-influencers Are the New Gatekeepers of Social Media


Consumers today value niche online worlds in which they can make their interests, hobbies and personal views public without exposing themselves to the entire internet at once. Individuality and authenticity still matter, but social ties matter more. “Closed communities” – smaller, more exclusive pockets within the larger social media sphere – achieve this balance. But while they provide the perfect channels for niche marketing, brands can’t simply ask for permission to enter these locked rooms: They have to earn their spots. READ MORE