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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Trump Continues to Threaten to Impose 25% Punitive Tariffs on U.S. Travel Goods Imports from China. TGA Members, We Need Your Help!


President Donald Trump has threatened to impose 25% punitive tariffs all U.S. imports of travel goods as part of a new $200 billion list. These new punitive tariffs have not yet been implemented. TGA plans to testify against the inclusion of travel goods at the August 20-23 public hearing. You can help to stop these tariffs. The Trump administration needs to hear how these punitive duties would hurt your company, and your workers – and TGA can help you draft that testimony. Public comments are due September 6. Please contact TGA's Nate Herman at 202-853-9351 or if you wish to submit written comments or anecdotes, have questions, or would like additional information.

Trump’s Trade War is Rattling China’s Leaders


China’s leaders have sought to project confidence in the face of President Trump’s tariffs and trade threats. But as it becomes clear that a protracted trade war with the U.S. may be unavoidable, there are growing signs of unease inside the Communist political establishment. READ MORE

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Trump is Losing His Trade War


Farmers and small businesses across the U.S. are suffering under the weight of 25% tariffs on Chinese goods that they need and/or China’s retaliatory tariffs on products they export, but Trump shows no inclination to back down. His administration has compiled a list of $16 billion worth of Chinese products it will hit with a 25% tariff on August 23. READ MORE

This is the Hottest Travel Destination for Seniors Right Now


An analysis by Priceline found that boomers book the longest average length of stay on their vacations, relative to other age groups, and spend significantly more on flights and hotels than younger travelers. “Baby boomers are active travelers,” says Kevin O’Leary, senior analyst at Priceline. READ MORE

Hard or Soft? What to Look for When Buying Luggage


When you're traveling, it's important to have luggage that can easily keep up – but what's the best material? Thanks to modern plastics like polypropylene, ABS or polycarbonate, hard-sided luggage can be durable and light. Aluminum luggage is more durable, but it's also heavier. READ MORE


Southwest Airlines Just Overhauled Its Animal Policy


Southwest is the latest airline to revamp its pet policy, after several high-profile incidents involving emotional support animals caused problems on several carriers. Southwest's new policy is designed to provide “clearer guidance” to travelers with service animals of all kinds. READ MORE

In the Hospitality Game, New Players with Familiar Names


More companies are getting into the hotel business. Lately, there’s been a critical mass of companies getting into hospitality, from fitness clubs (kicking off next year in New York: Equinox Hotels) to film companies (Paramount Hotels & Resorts is bringing chiaroscuro lighting and Hollywood-themed suites to Dubai and beyond). READ MORE

How to Reach Younger Generations with Social Media Marketing


Cathal Berragan is the creative director for the U.S. division of Social Chain, a global social media marketing agency. Berragan shares insight into building social media audiences, trending hashtags and leveraging social media engagement into sales. READ MORE