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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Make Our PR Your PR


Want to be featured in The Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times? How about Money Inc., CNBC, Business News Daily or Fox News? These are just some of the media outlets that have showcased TGA member products in the past weeks, thanks to the free member benefit of TGA's media outreach. It's easy to get in on the action – simply copy Kate Ryan on your press releases and keep her up-to-date on your product news, so she can seed your info with the right outlet, at the right time. Contact Kate at 774-929-5223,

Give Us Two Minutes for One Bright Future


TGA needs your help as we plan for The 2020 International Travel Goods Show and beyond. The Show is for you – and your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated. With just two minutes to answer, you'll help inform our decision-making as we plan for the future of The Show and our industry. Please respond to the survey, and help us build a better, stronger Show. If you've already responded, thank you for your input. Please keep an eye out for the results which we will post when the survey period has concluded.

U.S. Trade Talks Appear to Be at 'a Low' with China and Allies


U.S. trade negotiations seem to have gotten even stickier, as talks between the U.S. and China appear to lack any new breakthroughs and President Donald Trump gets set to meet an unhappy group of world leaders at the end of the week. The Trump administration last week turned trade threats into action by slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico and Europe, all of which have retaliated and are fighting the U.S. move at the World Trade Organization. READ MORE

How to Make Your Luggage Last


Nothing ruins a trip like a suitcase zipper that won’t close or a wheel that won’t turn. And replacing luggage can get pricey. You can’t control what happens to your luggage once baggage handlers or bellhops get their hands on it. But you can take good care of it while it’s in your possession, stretching its life for years, depending on how much you travel. Read on for tips on how to make your luggage last. READ MORE

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Reversing the Decline in Travel to the U.S.


Travel and tourism are an $8 trillion market, approximately 10% of the world’s GDP, and expected to increase by 44% in the next decade, said Jonathan Tisch, chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels & Co. But he warned, “Even though the global travel market is growing, the U.S. share of the market fell nearly 13% over the past few years. That means we missed out on 7.4 million international visitors, $32 billion in lost spending at American destinations and businesses and 100,000 additional jobs.” READ MORE

Skift’s Top Travel Startups to Watch 2018


Better, faster, stronger. We pinpointed 20 venture-backed companies – mostly young – that promise breakaway potential. These startups prove that innovation is happening everywhere, from Atlanta to Ramallah to Queensland. READ MORE

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Company’s Other Marketing Efforts


A 2016-17 Gartner study illustrates that the average company spends 12% of its revenue on marketing. And while 92% of marketers agree that social media is important to their business, that doesn’t mean your social efforts must exist in their own silo, separate from your company’s other campaigns. Instead, elevating every campaign in a way that allows them to work together will help you get the most out of your limited budget. READ MORE


23 Easy Ways to Save Money While on Vacation, from Travel Experts


Vacations have a way of making money disappear – and I’m not just talking about the large sums spent on airfare or lodging costs. Smaller expenses can add up, too. It can be hard to strike the right balance between treating yourself and reining it in while traveling. Knowing this, I spoke with some travel experts – in this case, people who travel a lot – to learn about the little, creative, and sometimes-fun steps they take to save money while on vacation. Here, 23 of those tips. READ MORE

5 Tips to Sleep Better on Your Next Trip


Getting some shut eye on a plane is a perennial challenge for travelers, but there are a few low-tech tricks that can make switching time zones and taking long haul flights a little easier. David Hamer, director of the Travel Clinic at Boston Medical Center and a professor of Global Health and Medicine at the Boston University Schools of Public Health and Medicine, shared some strategies for catching a few z’s at 30,000 feet. READ MORE

Sowing the Seeds: What Gardening Teaches About Leadership


Every year when spring rolls around and my garden’s growing season crops up, my family comes together to look at what worked last year, what didn’t, and how we can improve for the upcoming season. During this time I always reflect on how this process relates to my work as CEO; there are many parallels to draw from making something grow into something beautiful from just a small seed. I’ve found many similarities between my job and my work in the garden, but three stand out. READ MORE