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TGA Industry News Briefs
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It's Official!


The 30-day voting period has ended, and during that time TGA members cast their e-votes in support of TGA's Slate of Nominees for the 2018-2019 TGA Board of Directors. Thanks to everyone who exercised their very important privilege as a member of this Association and voted!

2018-2019 TGA Board of Directors


Robert Dodson, Ricardo Beverly Hills, Chair (M)

David Lomas, Design Go Ltd., Chair Elect (M)

Jack Holodnicki, Olivet International, Vice Chair (M)

Cliff Ensley, Leisure Merchandising Corp., Treasurer (M)

Jerry Kallman, Airline International Luggage, Secretary (R)

Scott Kosmin, 24-7 International, Immediate Past Chair (M)


Sue Flaum, Burlington Stores (R)

Andrew Hamilton, Antler USA Ltd. (M)

Nathan Haskell, it luggage (M)

Magi Raible, LifeGear Design (M)

M=Manufacturer, R=Retailer

Save – BIG – and Exhibit at The International Travel Goods Show


The International Travel Goods Show marks the beginning of the sales season – it's where retailers go to discover what's new, and stock up for the year. And if you want to be on their radar, your new products need to be at The Show. Book now, secure a prime location at the world's premier travel goods showcase, and save 33% off the already-discounted member rate. This is the biggest discount available, with the best retailer and media exposure for your new items. This offer ends soon, so don't wait – contact Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707, and reserve your space today.

TGA to Government on China Tariffs – Don’t Tax Travel Goods Bought by Hardworking American Families


Ahead of this week’s U.S. government hearings (Federal Register Notice) on its proposal (Proposal 1, Proposal 2) to impose 25% tariffs on as much as $150 billion worth of U.S. imports from China, TGA joined the U.S. business community and joined the larger U.S. soft goods industry in submitting written testimony opposing the imposition of any tariffs on U.S. imports of travel goods. A final decision on tariffs is expected this summer.

As U.S.-China Trade Talks Begin, ZTE is in the Spotlight


When President Trump tweeted a pledge on Sunday to help save China's second-largest telecommunications firm because penalties imposed by the U.S. Commerce Department had cost too many Chinese jobs, many were left slack-jawed to hear such words coming from the "America First" president. But the case of ZTE highlights the importance of high tech in the U.S.-China trade disputes, as well as how the two countries look at the role of government in the economy. READ MORE

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New Summer Luggage Gets Back to Basics


When it comes to the latest carry-on luggage, manufacturers are getting back to basics. So are travelers. No one keeps detailed, industry-wide sales numbers that would show a rise in this simpler luggage. But luggage experts say the trend is visible in the bags that debuted in March at The International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas. “Luggage manufacturers have adopted a more pragmatic approach by fine-tuning the elements that really work for travelers,” says Michele Marini Pittenger, president of the Travel Goods Association, the trade association that hosts the convention. READ MORE

The Best Low-Tech, Hassle-Free Luggage


We all love our smart bags, but now that an increasing number of airlines require all high-tech luggage to have removable lithium batteries (thanks, self-combusting Samsung phones), flying with one is now a potential headache. So, if you don't want to risk having to remove your battery with a screwdriver at the gate – or you just miss the simpler times – consider going to back to basics with a sleek duffel or compact spinner. Here, our favorite, no-frills luggage to get you from A to B and nothing more. READ MORE


The Ups and Downs of Travel Loans


Dreaming of a spring getaway with white-sand beaches and a cool drink in your hand? A search for airline tickets can bring your dream down to earth, if the steep fares charged by many airlines outstrip your savings. What if you could book your trip today and pay for it later – without maxing out your credit cards? READ MORE

Visa in Search of a Traveler to Show Off Cashless Travel


Earlier this week, Visa announced its launch of a search for a travel enthusiast to send on an international trip to highlight the value of being cash-free. To find the traveler, Visa is partnering with social media travel personalities Arden Cho and brothers Alex and Marko Ayling. They will serve as Visa Cashless Ambassadors and will create two travel itineraries. READ MORE

Six Simple Steps That Make Social Media Marketing Less Overwhelming


You’ve probably heard the term “FOMO” by now. Fear of missing out is the sensation that everyone else is doing something you should be doing. To a lot of business owners, social media marketing itself feels this way. Should I use every social platform that’s out there? How do I even get started? Am I missing out on something fundamentally important for my business? READ MORE

What Summer Vacation Looks Like in 19 Countries Around the World


People from around the world share some common desires when it comes to vacations – in the summer, people generally tend to crave beaches, the sea, cities, and mountains. And they often like to go there with their families. From top travel destinations to how much time people get, here's what summer vacation looks like around the world. READ MORE

Cook on the Go with This Suitcase That Folds Out into a Functioning Kitchen


Now you can travel with everything but the kitchen sink. An Italian luggage company has created suitcases that fold out into fully functional kitchens, desks and beds. The bags are the brainchild of Milan-based designer Marc Sadler. With the suitcases, home can be anywhere, and each room is an aluminum-covered piece of luggage. READ MORE