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TGA Industry News Briefs
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A Glance at the Past, a Glimpse of the Future


By now, the Post-Show issue of Travel Goods Showcase should have landed in your mailbox with coverage of this year's International Travel Goods Show, accompanied by that fresh-off-the-press smell. Look to its pages for a recap of the debut items that landed with a splash, and the people and companies that left their mark on this year's unforgettable Show experience. And read up on what's to come – the breakout trends to emerge from the exhibit hall and the items that grabbed retailers' imaginations – as well as TGA's analysis of the U.S. Travel Goods Market. It's all in the latest issue of Travel Goods Showcase.

More Press, More Exposure – for Less Out of Pocket


If you want your new products to be seen, the place to be is The International Travel Goods Show. Retailers and press personalities come to The Show to see what's new in travel gear, and if you want to be included the time to act is now, when you can save 33% off exhibit space at the world's best showcase for new travel gear. But this discount offer is closing – FAST – so don't delay, contact Cathy Hays now:, 877-842-1938, x-707.

Flying Cars Is the Future of Travel, Uber Says


At its second annual Elevate Summit in Los Angeles, Uber is showing off what it says will be the transportation mode of the future: on demand air transport. Its plan is to have a sky full of small drone-like taxis shuttling customers around cities at far faster speeds than driving – all with the request of a ride in the Uber app. READ MORE

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Retail Roundup: Reasons for Optimism


If you just read the headlines, you may think that retail is dead. But to paraphrase Samuel Clemens, rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated. "So many people mistake a segment of retail or a way of shopping for retail at large," Joel Bines, global co-head of retail consulting at AlixPartners, tells Barron's. Bines has recently opined in The New York Times that there's still reason to be optimistic on the sector, even with news of bankruptcy and store closings. "Yes, there are pockets that are challenged, but retail is quite healthy." READ MORE

Pilot Shortage Hurting Airline, Travel Industry


A sky-high shortage is striking the airline industry. Pilots are taking off from the workforce as not enough people are taking their spot inside the cockpit. "There's airplanes sitting on the ground with no pilots to fly them," said Rick Rademaker, owner of the Arizona Flight Training Center. He said it is his job to help stop the worldwide shortage, but he believes it is one that will take roughly 20 years to fix. READ MORE


6 Social Media Trends That Will Dominate Summer 2018 Marketing


Keeping up with social media seems like an impossible task some days. No sooner do you perfect your marketing on a platform than a new one springs up or begins to rise in popularity. On top of that, the makeup of your Internet audience is constantly changing and shifting. Here’s what’s upcoming in social media marketing to help plan your summer social strategy. READ MORE

Here Are 5 Ways to Be a Leader Instead of a Manager


Have you ever wondered about the difference between a manager and a leader? Jennifer Hill has. Having held senior leadership positions with some top global financial institutions and in her current role as CFO for Global Banking and Global Markets with Bank of America, she’s learned a thing or two about what leadership is – and isn’t. Jennifer recently packed many of those lessons into an enlightening five-minute kickoff keynote for my Poised for Leadership workshop in New York City, and here are the takeaways. READ MORE

Travel Like a Minimalist and Save Big


If you’re looking to save money on a vacation, you could spend hours researching and budgeting every minute of it – or you could simply try traveling like a minimalist instead. Minimalists generally live with fewer possessions, freeing up time, money and other resources to focus on things and experiences they value more. You, too, can adopt minimalist travel habits and potentially hang on to hundreds – or thousands – of dollars. Consider these travel tips for your next vacation. READ MORE