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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Ring in the New Year – with One Smart Move


You can wish for a prosperous new year, or make it a prosperous one. Exhibiting at The International Travel Goods Show is a smart move than can ensure your business succeeds in 2018. This is the industry's most critical event – the people you meet and the connections you make will have profound influence on your business relationships and bottom line. Give your business year a boost – show off in front of the best retailers in travel goods. Start building your 2018 success today; reserve space with Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707.

TGA Urges Congress to Approve Infrastructure Package ASAP


On January 3, TGA joined with dozens of other business organizations in sending a letter urging Congress to approve legislation that will improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of our nation’s infrastructure. The letter outlines the priorities that should be included in any infrastructure package. The letter comes as President Donald Trump and Congressional leaders begin discussions on a major infrastructure investment package.

Retailers Offer Myriad Returns Options to Retain Customers


After a strong holiday shopping season, retailers are bracing for a flood of returns – and not just at the customer service counter. This year traditional and online retailers have expanded the number of locations and routes consumers can use to return merchandise, from in-store kiosks and lockers to the mall concierge, grocery stores, parcel shipping locations and at-home pickup. READ MORE

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2018 Administration Priority: Overhauling U.S. Trade Policy


With tax legislation behind him, President Trump could make some major decisions this month on another economic promise – reducing the U.S. trade deficit with China. That's the figure that measures how much Chinese imports exceed American exports. And the gap grew during Trump's first year in office. READ MORE


Those Seatback Screens on Planes Are Starting to Disappear


Airlines have been shrinking their seats for a long time, aiming to reduce the planes’ weight and squeeze in more passengers. But lately, some carriers have been going one step further in redesigning their seats: They’re taking away the seatback screens. READ MORE

U.S. Airlines Rated High in Punctuality in 2017


The largest U.S. airlines fared well in the crucial performance indicator of timeliness when compared to other carriers around the world in 2017. Meanwhile, Hawaiian Airlines led the way in timeliness among all mainline U.S. carriers and finished third in the world, according to an OAG report. READ MORE

Cognitive Biases: A Crash Course for the Millennial Mind


Cognitive biases are the natural byproducts of how our brains function and are counterproductive features of thought patterns that might otherwise be useful. Accordingly, there are some cognitive biases that are especially dangerous for millennials – but fortunately, if you’re able to recognize and understand them, you can take specific measures to overcome them. READ MORE

Want to Travel in 2018? Now’s the Time to Book Cheap Flights


After a long holiday season spent arranging flights and schlepping to and from the airport, travel may be the last thing on your mind. But the post-holiday slump that falls on this part of the calendar is exactly what makes it the perfect window for finding great deals on airline tickets. READ MORE

Why the Retail Apocalypse Isn't Being Taken Seriously


As the holiday shopping rush comes to an end, hours get cut back and temporary retail workers say their farewells. But there's a much greater unwinding happening in retail, with thousands of workers from the sector losing their jobs. Big words are attached to this: tectonic shifts, cataclysm and for some, opportunity. READ MORE

5 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your Leadership in 2018


Being a better leader has countless benefits. It helps drive better results, helps increase employee retention, and reduces stress levels. The more you lead, the less you will have to manage, and it is management that raises stress levels – not only for your team but also for yourself. Here are five simple habits that you can adopt that will help you become a better leader in 2018. READ MORE

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