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November 30, 2017 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Show Up Where the Brands Show Off


If you're a buyer, it's time to register for the most vital event on the travel goods calendar, The International Travel Goods Show. The Show is the one place you can go to see the latest innovations in travel products, in one location, at one time. And it’s the first time most of these new items will ever be shown. But The Show is more than products – it’s privileged access to the people behind them. This is a personal connection that can’t be duplicated by phone or email. Start building your 2018 pipeline now by planning to attend the industry's most important event. Visit for everything you need to plan your visit and reserve your badge.

Tax Reform Hangs in Balance in Critical Week for GOP


The GOP leadership has a narrow window to push through its tax bill in the Senate before lawmakers become consumed with spending fights that could trigger a shutdown, not to mention a special election in Alabama that could flip a reliable Republican vote to a not-so-reliable one – or even a Democrat. READ MORE

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U.S. Government Expected to Extend REAL ID Compliance Deadlines


When Congress passed the REAL ID Act in 2005, the prospect of a vast swath of U.S. travelers not being able to board planes by February 2018 because their driver’s license was determined not a compliant form of identification seemed highly unlikely. Here is a current snapshot of the REAL ID Act’s status. READ MORE


Texting While Driving? Blame the Boss


The state trooper just pulled you over on the interstate because you're on your cell phone and texting while driving. In most states, that's illegal. You probably even passed electronic billboards, some of them insulting, telling you not to text and drive. So, what do you tell the officer when you hand over your license and registration? Here's a good excuse, and in many instances, it's true: The boss made me do it. READ MORE

Retail Jobs Don’t Need to Be Bad. Here’s Proof


For all the talk about the “end of retail,” it is one of the largest employers in the country, accounting for about one in eight workers in the private sector. For every miner toiling in the U.S., there are almost 25 retail workers. Typically paying full-time employees less than $33,000 a year, retail jobs have become the work of the lower class, the main source of support for Americans left behind by economic change. This raises a fairly urgent question: If retail work sets the living standard for so many low-income families, why doesn’t it get more attention? READ MORE

Top Nine Social Media Trend Predictions for 2018


Don't blink – you might miss the next social media trend. So, what's more than a passing fad? What's here to stay, and what should you pay attention to? This infographic by film editing simplifiers Filmora lists nine trends to keep an eye on in the coming year. READ MORE

The Strength of Vulnerable Leaders


In business, vulnerability is generally seen as weakness. Having a strategy or a model that is susceptible to attack is the last thing investors, executives, and employees want. By the same token, personal vulnerability is considered a liability for leaders. Conventional wisdom holds that it is difficult to lead or negotiate or make demands from a position of perceived weakness. But it turns out that the popular perception of vulnerability is a myth – one that keeps leaders from being effective. READ MORE

AirBnB Just Rolled Out a New Feature that Will Make Travel Obsessives Very Happy


Today, AirBnB rolled out a small but clutch new feature wherein you can split the cost of your castle in the south of France with your friends instead of, say, resorting to Venmo or Ye Olde Chequebook. This is helpful; it means one person doesn’t have to be the Designated Money Collector. But the real benefit here is for those of us who hoard credit card points like they’re limited edition Jordans. READ MORE

In a Hotel Shower, There’s Genius in the Mist


Don’t let those great ideas you get in the shower evaporate. Travelers who think big in the bath now have a way to preserve their strokes of genius. Marriott International has installed a new wired shower door designed to record any inspiration marked in the condensation. READ MORE

Travel Companies Warm to Sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday


For the travel industry, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season have evolved from a vexing consumer distraction into one of the most important travel booking periods of the year, and the industry has expanded promotional strategies accordingly. READ MORE

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