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November 23, 2017 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Our Weekend to Shine


It's Thanksgiving weekend, and while every retail sector lays claim to Black Friday, this is really our weekend. It's the most-travelled holiday on the calendar, and as people hit the roads and take to the skies to join together on the most family-oriented weekend of the year, they're relying on our products to get them there, keep them organized and on time, safe and secure. At this time for giving thanks, we're grateful for your support of TGA. Whether you're staying home, or venturing far afield, we wish you the company of loved ones this weekend, and a successful holiday sales season in the days and weeks ahead.

Under Trump, U.S. Companies Face a Rough Road on Trade


The fifth round of NAFTA talks are now underway, and the Trump team has made a litany of harsh demands – about dairy, cars, government procurement, dispute resolution and more – that no one expects Mexico or Canada to accept. The prospects for common ground will get only bleaker as next summer’s Mexican elections approach, further reducing the desire of Mexican politicians to make concessions to a President who wants to wall off their country at their expense. READ MORE

4 Futuristic Features Every Retail Store Will Have by 2025


Forward-thinking retail experts say that over the next decade or so the act of physical shopping will transform in two key ways. One, shopping will become more of an entertaining experience for trying out new products and services. And two, every shopping hassle that can be eliminated – from long customer service lines to frustrating searches for items that are sold out – will be eliminated. READ MORE

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How Clear Can Speed Up the Airport Screening Process


The busiest time for air travel in the U.S. is here. According to Mike England, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, airports around the country have the most number of fliers in the period from the few days before Thanksgiving through the New Year, compared with any other time of the year. READ MORE

The Skyhour App Is the Easiest Way to Gift Air Travel


Rather than receiving yet another cable-knit sweater from your great aunt this Christmas, imagine that you’re instead gifted four “skyhours” – at $60 each, that’s $240 toward the flight for your next vacation. That’s the aim of Skyhour, a new app designed to simplify the process of gifting air travel. READ MORE


Expect Huge Travel Sales on Cyber Monday 2017


Experts are predicting huge flash travel sales for Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday this year, with some companies kicking off the deals as early as Black Friday. And while the shopping bonanza seems to be getting bigger every year, that doesn't guarantee you a deal. Here's how to keep a cool head and snag that Italian vacation you always wanted, for half the price. READ MORE

Meet the Retail Worker of the Future: Cool, Charismatic, and Better Paid


For physical retailers, it’s not enough to have things anymore, experts say. Now you need an experience – a convenience, activity, or ambiance – to rope people in. “There’s been a lot of fear that retail is on the decline,” says Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist. “What’s happening instead is a shift. People are still going into the brick-and-mortar stores that feel good to be in, and where you can expect to find a person to help you navigate a complicated product space.” READ MORE

6 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018


We’re headed toward the end of another year, and it’s time to start planning the next year. As you look ahead to 2018, and attempt to plan your online campaigns, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on social media marketing trends. If you’re looking for what’s next, here are six trends to attempt to maximize in the coming year. READ MORE

34 Words You Can Use in Your Resume to Highlight Your Leadership Skills


One of the most common types of people I work with are those aiming to elevate their brand messaging to more loudly announce, "I'm one hell of a leader!" as they change jobs. It's one thing to be good at tasks, projects, and areas of specialization, but if you're aspiring to manage teams, you simply can't stop there. You also have to position yourself as an inspiring, effective leader. READ MORE

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