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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Don't Wait! NOW is the Time to Sign Up for The Show


The 2018 International Travel Goods Show is an all-new affair, with a vastly different layout and floor plan that may limit the available booth space in the size and configuration you want. Don't chance getting locked out – the past few Shows have been sellouts, and 2018 space is going fast. Contact Cathy Hays today and reserve your booth at the planet's best gathering of travel goods retailers:, 877-842-1938, x-707.

TGA Fights to Protect NAFTA’s Cross-Border Mexican Trucking Provisions


On November 14, TGA joined with more than 100 trade associations in sending a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer urging him to maintain NAFTA’s cross-border trucking provisions in any renegotiated agreement. The letter comes in response to reports that the Trump administration was considering new restrictions against Mexican long-haul truckers.

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A Tale of 3 E-Commerce Titans


As Amazon’s RFP for a second North American headquarters dominates global headlines, it’s important to remember the e-commerce giant wants to win beyond North America. Amazon’s global competitors include Chinese powerhouses Alibaba and, and comparing these three e-commerce giants can give retail companies a glimpse of the future of retail. READ MORE

4 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Thanksgiving Travel


Whether your family will make its way over rivers and through woods or race across town to catch a plane, traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday can be hectic and stressful. That will certainly be the case this year, as a record 28.5 million holiday travelers are expected to fly on U.S. airlines, an increase of 3% over Thanksgiving 2016, according to airline trade group Airlines for America. Here are some tips that might make traveling during this holiday a bit smoother. READ MORE


The Travel Podcast Comes into Its Own


Taking travel to another dimension – in a way that may encourage positive reviews and build a brand – is the goal of many podcasts now proliferating across the web, and mostly free to access. In an age when virtually every smartphone has a voice recorder, podcasting is a cost-effective medium, which could help explain its surge in listeners. READ MORE

5 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel with Pets


According to the Wellness Natural Pet Food 2017 Holiday Survey, 75% of respondents include their pets in holiday celebrations, with 22% of them having their pet travel with them to special holiday events. If this describes your situation this holiday season, you might be figuring out how to best travel with your pet. Or if you’re not part of that 22%, you might be figuring out your best pet-sitting options. Here are five tips for traveling (or not traveling) with your pet at the holidays. READ MORE

Unwrapping Upgrades: How to Give the Gift of More Bearable Air Travel


The road to relaxation is rocky. Standing in between you and your vacation is the stressful endeavor of flying commercial. For most of us that means standing in a long security line, with ever-befuddling lists of safety procedures, only to get to an economy class seat with minimal legroom. But record numbers of travelers are taking to the skies, a sign that what awaits us after our flights is indeed worth it. Here are a few gifts for those in your circle with a case of wanderlust, who would appreciate upgrading their travel experiences from booking to wheels down. READ MORE

How to Use Social Media in Your Career


Do you think you should be on social media but don’t know where to start? What should you post, and how often should you post it? What's more powerful, a like or a retweet? Here's what you need to know about the most popular social media platforms for professional settings, whether you are looking to expand your network, build a business or find a new gig. READ MORE

Lord & Taylor’s New Strategy Sums Up Retail in 2017


This year began with a tidal wave of mall brand bankruptcies and store closures, the casualties of a major shift taking place in retail. It’s coming to a close with a consolidation of power, as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers forge partnerships with shopping’s most aggressive force, Amazon, and the country’s biggest store chain, Walmart, which is working its butt off to compete with Amazon online. Here’s one outcome of 2017: You’ll soon be able to shop Lord & Taylor on READ MORE

When ‘Best Practices’ Backfire


Freek Vermeulen, an associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School, argues that too many companies are following so-called best practices that are actually holding them back. They do it because of deep-seated industry tradition – and because it’s hard to know how seemingly successful business models will hold up over the long term. That’s why, he says, organizations should avoid benchmarking and instead routinely test their business practices before there’s a problem. READ MORE

Louis Vuitton Luggage Exhibition Details a History of Modern Travel


As travel changed, so did luggage. That’s the story told by an elaborate exhibition about the luxury luggage and fashion brand Louis Vuitton, running through January 7, 2018 in the former American Stock Exchange building in Manhattan. A series of museum-like galleries show how luggage designs changed with the evolution of travel. The exhibition is called “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” (voh-LAY, voh-GAY, voy-ah-ZHAY), which means fly, sail, travel. READ MORE

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