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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Beat the Holiday Rush and Reach the Retailers Who Matter


The Pre-Show Issue of Travel Goods Showcase magazine is being assembled right now, which means now is the time to reach retailers' mailboxes with the most targeted ad vehicle in travel goods. This is the best-timed issue for getting your product news out to retailers before the holiday sales rush, and this is your last chance for an ad placement in 2017. Put the industry's biggest trade magazine to work for you – contact Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707 to discover how Travel Goods Showcase can help complete your sales picture.

Trump’s Trade Policies Come Under Fire as Hurting U.S. Standing


Driven by the Trump administration’s hard line stance on global trade, the U.S. is set to lose its position and credibility on the world commercial stage. Whether it’s the potential of killing trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Korea-U.S. FTA, or “the mistake” of pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, expert panelists at the Sourcing Journal Summit earlier this week said the U.S. is taking a back seat to countries like China and hurting U.S. industry in the long run. READ MORE

Airlines, Airports at Odds Over Fee Hike Before Congress


Airlines are warning that passengers could be charged $2.2 billion more each year to pay for airport construction, under a proposed fee hike Congress is considering. But airports contend more funding is needed to modernize and expand terminals and other facilities for the growing number of passengers. READ MORE

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Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Third Travel Ban


Earlier this week, a federal judge largely blocked the Trump administration from implementing the latest version of the President’s controversial travel ban, setting up yet another legal showdown on the extent of the executive branch’s powers when it comes to setting immigration policy. READ MORE


Travel Industry Is Urging Tourists to Return to the Caribbean After Storms


The travel industry is ramping up efforts to remind consumers that many Caribbean islands were unaffected by hurricanes and that their economies depend on tourism. Tourism agencies and travel companies are promoting deals, events and fundraising efforts while reinforcing the basic message that most islands were unscathed by the storms and are eager for visitors. READ MORE

Singapore Now Offers the World's Most Powerful Passport


When it comes to global travel, not all passports are created equal. But which one rules them all? According to the Passport Index, that honor now belongs solely to Singapore, thanks to a recent decision by Paraguay to remove visa requirements for passport holders of the Asian city-state. READ MORE

Think Tank: Retail Scores a ‘C’ for Omnichannel and Mobile


Leadership at traditional retailers is aware of the change that has swept the industry: mobile. They are willing to adapt, but the problem is how. In the 2017 Mobile Retail Report, NewStore found that barely any brands are hitting a home run when it comes to mobile. In fact, the report scores the retail industry a “C” for its ability to deliver omnichannel and capitalize on mobile in a world where people don’t let their smartphone leave their possession and more time is spent in apps than watching TV. READ MORE

Apparently, We’re Choosing Travel Destinations Based on Potential Instagram Likes


We might be ashamed to admit it, but a lot of us care deeply about the number of likes we rack up on Instagram. A new study suggests that we’re so influenced by how successful our social media game is that it actually affects our decisions on where to travel. The report explores the phenomenon of “social return” – where you get positive feedback on social media. Travel has huge potential for positive social return because, let’s face it, you’re more likely to get likes for beach pictures than snaps of the daily grind. READ MORE

Paris Man Hides in Suitcase to Steal from Other People's Luggage


Danny Ocean would be proud of the crafty French thieves who've been stealing from the luggage compartment of an airport-bound bus by stowing away as luggage – aside from the fact they got caught. The two-man operation was deviously simple: One man would curl up inside a large suitcase, while the other would load said suitcase onto "the luggage compartment of the bus that links Porte Maillot to Paris Beauvais airport.” READ MORE