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TGA Industry News Briefs
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If you're reading this, you already know that TGA's Industry News Briefs reaches the industry's smartest professionals. And reaching them yourself is as easy as booking some ad space. You can't beat this weekly broadcast, straight to the desks of over 12,000 working professionals. Whether you want to reach retailers, manufacturers, sales reps or distributors, TGA Industry News Briefs delivers. Contact Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707, and put TGA Industry News Briefs to work for you.

More California Proposition 65 Notices Issued


New "60-day" notices have been issued alleging that brands and retailers sold purses, clear bags, carrying cases, travel jewelry organizers, duffle bags, and cosmetic bags in California that contained di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP), and/or di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) in violation of a California law known as Proposition 65 (Prop 65). The notices serve as intent to bring lawsuits against the recipients of the notices that sold these products. For more information on Prop 65, please go to the Prop 65 page on the TGA website or contact TGA's Nate Herman,, 202-853-9351.

Latest Nafta Talks Near End Without Major Breakthroughs


The latest Nafta talks are nearing conclusion without a major breakthrough or agreements on even the least-contentious topics, officials familiar with the negotiations say, fueling doubts among observers that a deal can be reached this year. READ MORE


Backpacks Are Making a Comeback with Travelers – Here Are Some of the Best


Backpacks are back. In a world of shrinking personal space, overstuffed overhead bins and exorbitant airline baggage fees, travelers are rediscovering the convenience and savings of wearing their luggage. The latest Travel Goods Association market report found that unit sales had surged 22% as American travelers bought a record-breaking 176.1 million backpacks. READ MORE

Travelers’ Six Best Friends in 2017


Road warriors and serious vagabonds all know that good luggage can make travel a breeze and bad luggage is usually a one-way ticket to Purgatory. Travel writer Julie Kessler worked with TGA to test some of the newest travel goods on the market. She shares that she “normally clocks in at least 100,000 miles a year and [is] always on the lookout for good carry-on spinner bags and other gadgets to make the travel experience as carefree as possible. Here are some of my 2017 favorites.” READ MORE

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Pioneering in smart locks and intelligent-access security systems, eGeeTouch® patented and award-winning smart locks are embedded with state-of-art Dual Intelligent Proximity, Vicinity Tracking® and Smart Identification technologies. eGeeTouch® is all about safeguarding personal belongings and elevating travels through a hassle-free user experience. No key, no digit-wheels dial, no code memorizing equals no fuss. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone (both iOS & Android), smart watches or tap a NFC-enabled fob or tag to secure and unlock luggage. MORE

United Blames Hurricane Harvey for Major Revenue Decline


Hurricane Harvey caused “the largest operational impact we’ve had in the company’s history,” and will significantly hurt its earnings this quarter, United Airlines Chief Financial Officer Andrew Levy said earlier this week at an investor conference. READ MORE

Automation May Be Creating Jobs – in Retail, at Least


Since 2007, 140,000 brick-and-mortar retail jobs have vanished in America. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ecommerce has created just 126,000 over the same period. However according to a new report, those figures miss the point. If you actually include all the fulfillment-center jobs that e-tail has created, which wouldn't have otherwise needed to exist, the figure rises from 126,000 to 400,000, far outweighing physical-store losses. READ MORE

Hotels in Path of Total Eclipse See Unprecedented Boon


The biggest problem in forecasting the hotel impact of the recent eclipse was that there was simply no modern precedent for it. This was a two-minute event that affected a coast-to-coast corridor of hotels, with millions of travelers making the journey to be a part of it. Just one example of the unusual travel volumes is that the state of Wyoming doubled in population the day of the eclipse. READ MORE

Travel Habits of Americans: Gen Xers Lead Hotel-Mobile Bookings Among U.S. Travelers


Travel brands want to develop closer relationships with their customers and many of them feel smartphones and other mobile devices are their tickets to ride in this endeavor. CEO Gillian Tans told Skift last year that she believes mobile bookings on her site will cross the 50% threshold within two years and cited the challenge of higher consumer expectations with mobile. READ MORE

Been Vacation Shamed? It's on the Rise


A recent U.S. Travel Association survey found less than half of U.S. workers are using their vacation days – fewer than ever before. Millennials, now the largest generation in the workforce, are the least likely to take days off. READ MORE

The World’s Most Traveled People on Why Travel Is More Important Than Ever


To celebrate Condé Nast Traveler's 30th anniversary this month, they spoke with some of the most well-traveled people in the world – airline founders and CEOs like Richard Branson, cruise CEOs, hoteliers, restaurateurs like Danny Meyer, and world-renowned writers like Paul Theroux – and asked how their travel lives and industries have changed since the magazine hit newsstands in September 1987. And boy, have they changed. Here, reasons why travel is more life-changing than ever before. READ MORE