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August 24, 2017 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Reach the Biggest Retail Audience While You Can


With a new exhibit hall footprint for The 2018 International Travel Goods Show, space is at a premium. And it's going fast. The past few years have been sold-out events, and if you don't want to find yourself locked out of the planet's biggest travel products showcase, the time to act is now. Meet and connect with the most powerful retail buyers in the world at The Show. Contact Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707, and book your exhibit space today.

More California Proposition 65 Notices Issued


New "60-day" notices have been issued alleging that brands and retailers sold bags (Notice 1, Notice 2, Notice 3), messenger bags, equipment bags, luggage tags (Notice 1, Notice 2), cosmetic bags, waist packs, clear carry-on travel bags (Notice 1, Notice 2, and Notice 3), reversible bags, wallets (Notice 1, Notice 2), protective cases, and ID holders in California that contained lead, di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP), Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP), and/or di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) in violation of a California law known as Proposition 65 (Prop 65). The notices serve as intent to bring lawsuits against the recipients that sold these products. For more information on Prop 65, please go to the Prop 65 page on the TGA website or contact TGA's Nate Herman,, 202-853-9351.

U.S. Lays Out Ambitious Schedule for NAFTA Talks as Opening Round Concludes


After the opening round of talks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement, at least this much is known: The U.S. is pushing for comprehensive changes and racing to meet a tight political calendar. The accelerated pace is aimed at wrapping up talks by the end of the year, or early 2018 at the latest, to avoid political complications in Mexico’s presidential vote in the summer and the U.S. midterm elections later in the fall. READ MORE

Despite Speedbumps, NDC Continues to Grow


Adoption of IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) is growing throughout the industry. According to IATA, 36 airlines were using some form of NDC as of early June, and another 80 were expected to come onboard in the near term. GDSs, technology providers and even agencies are also being certified to send and receive NDC messages. READ MORE


6 Types of Retailers That Are Amazon-Proof


The retail landscape has been tumultuous as of late as retailers adjust to changing consumer shopping preferences in favor of experiential retail and online shopping. But there have been some notable retail segments standing firm during this time of flux, CNBC reports. Here are the six types of retail that, at present, are Amazon-proof. READ MORE

Airports (Like Carriers) Use Twitter to Ease Travelers’ Concerns


With airplanes often filled almost to the brim and air travel increasingly unpredictable, airports have begun using social media to communicate with passengers. The hope is to turn what the industry calls dwell time, the two to three hours that passengers spend between curbside check-in and boarding, into a positive experience – one that can be lucrative for the airport. READ MORE

Smart Devices Put Luggage Tracking in Passengers’ Hands


Lost luggage remains a thorn in the side of the airline passenger experience, with nearly six bags per thousand passengers mishandled in 2016, according to SITA’s 2017 Baggage Report. Meanwhile, a new crop of luggage tracking products has emerged, enabling passengers to pinpoint wayward bags using their smartphones. READ MORE

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Pioneering in smart locks and intelligent-access security systems, eGeeTouch® patented and award-winning smart locks are embedded with state-of-art Dual Intelligent Proximity, Vicinity Tracking® and Smart Identification technologies. eGeeTouch® is all about safeguarding personal belongings and elevating travels through a hassle-free user experience. No key, no digit-wheels dial, no code memorizing equals no fuss. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone (both iOS & Android), smart watches or tap a NFC-enabled fob or tag to secure and unlock luggage. MORE

Why Do We Undervalue Competent Management?


Nobody has ever argued that operational excellence doesn’t matter. But we contend that it should be treated as a crucial complement to strategy – and that this is true now more than ever. After all, if a firm can’t get the operational basics right, it doesn’t matter how brilliant its strategy is. Achieving managerial competence takes effort: It requires sizable investments in people and processes throughout good times and bad. READ MORE

Google and Walmart Team Up to Fight Amazon on Voice Shopping


Walmart is diving into voice-activated shopping. But unlike online leader Amazon, it's not doing it alone. The world's largest retailer said this week that it's working with Google to offer hundreds of thousands of items from laundry detergent to Legos for voice shopping through Google Assistant. The capability will be available in late September. READ MORE

Use This Map to See Exactly When Fall Foliage Will Peak This Year


The end of summer can be sad, but fall brings (at least) one thing that no one can deny is wonderful: fall foliage. To get the most out of this seasonal show that nature puts on every year, you need to know when colors will be at their peak. This interactive map can help with that. READ MORE