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August 10, 2017 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Want 34x More Positive Response? Book Some Show Time


Face-to-face interactions are 34 times more likely to result in a positive response than email, according to a study published in the March 2017 issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. And The International Travel Goods Show provides more in-person interaction – with more retail buyers, social media influencers and journalists in attendance – than any other industry event. Contact Cathy Hays, 877-842-1938, x-707, and book some face time today.

Smart Luggage that Makes Travel a Breeze


The days of dragging a hard-to-wheel suitcase through the airport terminal are officially over, and it’s really amazing how far luggage has come in the last 10 years. It used to be impressive when your new carry-on had a pretty key lock or extra compartments, but smart luggage is blowing those old quaint features out of the water and making traveling easier than it’s ever been, plus stylish and stress-free. READ MORE

These 3 Retailers Have a Chance of Survival Against Amazon


Navigating the retail landscape has become a challenge for most retailers, especially with industry leaders like Amazon helming the ship. While several grocers and retailers have suffered store closures and plunging stock prices due to aggressive e-commerce competition, the Amazon effect may not translate to bad news for all retailers. Here are three retailers that stand a chance against Amazon, Axios reports. READ MORE

8 Ways to Tackle Long-Haul Flights with Children


Whatever the mode of transport, traveling with children is often no picnic. The long-haul flight (five hours or more) offers up a special brand of hell, a smorgasbord of meltdowns, impromptu maladies and indiscriminate peevishness. A carefully plotted parental playbook can help. READ MORE


How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals


One of the most exciting – and sometimes anxiety-producing – transitions in a career comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager. At this juncture, what you think, what you say, and how you show up can have a direct impact on those you are now leading and managing for the first time. So, as a new manager, how do you build an authentic and connected leadership presence that has a positive impact on your team and colleagues? READ MORE

Court Dings FAA in ‘Case of Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat’


Those who think airline seats are becoming too cramped in economy class appear to have found some allies in the federal court system. In response to a suit filed by the Flyers Rights consumer group, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit told the Federal Aviation Administration it must reconsider whether airline seat size and space should be regulated. READ MORE

Salesforce AI Helps Brands Track Images on Social Media


Brands have long been able to search for company mentions on social media, but they’ve lacked the ability to search for pictures of their logos or products in an easy way. That’s where Salesforce’s latest Einstein artificial intelligence feature comes into play. READ MORE

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Pioneering in smart locks and intelligent-access security systems, eGeeTouch® patented and award-winning smart locks are embedded with state-of-art Dual Intelligent Proximity, Vicinity Tracking® and Smart Identification technologies. eGeeTouch® is all about safeguarding personal belongings and elevating travels through a hassle-free user experience. No key, no digit-wheels dial, no code memorizing equals no fuss. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone (both iOS & Android), smart watches or tap a NFC-enabled fob or tag to secure and unlock luggage. MORE

The World's 5 Worst Places to Be a Disabled Traveler


There are some places on Earth which, were I of a more skeptical mind, I'd be tempted to think have a state-invested industry in maiming and humiliating people with disabilities. As a travel journalist, I've been all around the planet. Here are five of the worst places I've experienced. READ MORE

The Secrets of Earning Rewards Travel


The Miller family has been able to travel the world on a computer programmer's salary, all by using airline miles or credit card points. He's not your average card user, though. Miller got so good at this card game, he started writing a blog: Points with a Crew. "You don't have to be as crazy as I am," Miller laughed. "I like to tell people if you do it right, really with one or two additional credit card sign-ups, you can take your family somewhere for free using those miles." And guess what? The savings really add up. READ MORE