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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Travel Time


For many of you this coming week is a travel week, as you head to Las Vegas for the industry's biggest gathering: The International Travel Goods Show. It will be another record-setting event, and all of us at the Travel Goods Association look forward to hosting the industry's best and brightest at the world's biggest travel goods showcase. Please don't hesitate to call on us if we can do anything to help make The Show more productive and professionally rewarding. We're here to make you feel welcome, and we're glad you'll be joining us.

Why Wait? Get Show Badges Now, Save More Time for the Exhibit Floor


Your time is valuable. And no more so than at The Show, where every instant could be the one where you have the Aha! moment or chance meeting that absolutely makes your business year. Make every second count – minimize waiting time by registering for your badge beforehand, so you can get on the exhibit floor that much sooner. Just visit the Show site for badge registration: Attendees here, Show exhibitors here. And good luck at The Show!


Calling New TGA Board Members


The Travel Goods Association is currently seeking new additions to the 2017-2018 Board of Directors. Potential Board members should be actively involved in the travel goods industry, be familiar with TGA's mission, and be eager to take an active role in the Association and its initiatives. Interested applicants must complete a brief questionnaire to be considered for a Board seat. Please answer each question and submit by the April 10, 2017 deadline. The TGA Nominating Committee will review the applicants and advise the next steps in the process. If you have any questions, please contact TGA President Michele Marini Pittenger at or 877-842-1938, x-706.


Trump Proposes Hike in Airline Security Fee, But How Much?


A Trump administration proposal to increase the 9/11 Passenger Security Fee that is assessed on airline tickets has drawn the expected opposition from commercial carriers. But analysts, by and large, have a more sanguine view of the proposal. "I don't think it will suppress demand," said Rui Neiva, an aviation policy analyst at the Washington-based think tank Eno Center for Transportation. "If we were talking about a $20 to $30 increase, maybe. But not $2 or $3." READ MORE

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Safe Skies has an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to manufacture and distribute TSA luggage locks. Airport security has master tools to open, inspect and relock TSA Safe Skies® luggage locks rather than clipping the locks during mandatory checked baggage inspections at U.S. airports, allowing travelers to reuse these special luggage locks. TSA Safe Skies luggage locks are also approved by the Canadian, Australian, Israeli, German, UK and Swiss governments. MORE

Britain Invokes Article 50: 4 Things to Know About Brexit


Long-awaited divorce proceedings between Britain and the European Union formally began on Wednesday when Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50, the legislation that formally kicks off a two-year-long Brexit process. Here are four things to know about Britain's exit from the EU. READ MORE

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Pioneering in smart locks and intelligent-access security systems, eGeeTouch® patented and award-winning smart locks are embedded with state-of-art Dual Intelligent Proximity, Vicinity Tracking® and Smart Identification technologies. eGeeTouch® is all about safeguarding personal belongings and elevating travels through a hassle-free user experience. No key, no digit-wheels dial, no code memorizing equals no fuss. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone (both iOS & Android), smart watches or tap a NFC-enabled fob or tag to secure and unlock luggage. MORE

U.S. Air Travel at Record High on U.S., Foreign Carriers in 2016


Air travel has risen steadily following several challenging years for the industry post-9/11, as cheaper fares and a strengthened U.S. economy have made affordable flights more widely accessible. Last year's growth, the agency said, was the result of a 3.3% increase from 2015 in the number of passengers on domestic flights and a 4% jump in the number of travelers to and from the U.S. READ MORE

Top Ten Little Known Facts About Lost Luggage


As travelers head out to take advantage of spring break, Unclaimed Baggage Center (UBC) in Scottsboro, Alabama, a one-of-a-kind store that buys and sells lost luggage from the airlines, shares 10 facts about lost luggage and the airlines. READ MORE

Nearly 90% of Employees Use Social Media, Even to 'Digital Distraction'


Your Facebook friend posts a political rant at 9:30 a.m. She shares a recipe video less than an hour later. At 11 a.m., she posts about her smart kid. A half-hour later, she posts about her wonderful husband. Just before lunch, she shares a cute cat video. Just another morning at the office, checking social media between work tasks. (Or should that be squeezing in work between checking social media?) READ MORE

Flexibility Will Close the Women’s Leadership Gap


New data shows that women are underrepresented in the highest levels of leadership because they are being forced out by dated workplace structures. These structures, which do not represent the modern needs of a two-income household labor force, are causing millions of talented employees to fail, especially working mothers – and the result is massive attrition at every point in the leadership pipeline. READ MORE