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February 23, 2017 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Show Off in the Most-Visited Exhibit in Travel Goods


The New Products Pavilion is the most-visited booth at The International Travel Goods Show, the largest gathering of travel goods retailers on the planet. Put your new items in front of the retailers who can most influence your sales for 2017, at the first stop for most retailers and every visiting journalist. It's a proven way to drive traffic to your booth – plus it's the nominating pool for the TGA Product Innovation Award and Buzz Award, which can provide a significant sales bump for the whole year. Sign up now, and get the most from your Show exhibit experience.

TGA Tracking Legislation to Regulate Chemicals Across the Nation


With the start of new legislative sessions in states and localities across the country, TGA is closely monitoring legislation that could impose new chemical restrictions on travel goods from Alaska to Vermont, and everywhere in between. TGA will fight on behalf of the industry against any potential new restrictions.

Border Tax Hits Political Reality, and Only Trump Can Save It


With a vision of a "border adjustment tax" as the linchpin of corporate tax reform, Republicans are now finding out just how difficult it is to usher such a massive change through Congress. Even as the GOP controls both Congress and the White House, the survival of that border tax vision is very much in doubt. READ MORE

Car-Free Vacations for the Urban Traveler


Weekend trips to cities like Boston, Chicago or San Francisco rarely require a rental car to get around, given their extensive public transportation systems. But more unexpected locales are joining the car-optional list as new and expanding rapid transit options take root across the country. READ MORE

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Safe Skies has an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to manufacture and distribute TSA luggage locks. Airport security has master tools to open, inspect and relock TSA Safe Skies® luggage locks rather than clipping the locks during mandatory checked baggage inspections at U.S. airports, allowing travelers to reuse these special luggage locks. TSA Safe Skies luggage locks are also approved by the Canadian, Australian, Israeli, German, UK and Swiss governments. MORE

After Travel Ban, Interest in Trips to U.S. Declines


The impact was immediate: Following President Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order banning people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S., the demand for travel to the U.S. took a nosedive, according to data from several travel companies and research firms. READ MORE

Retail Personalization May Not Come Soon


In today’s fast-paced world of smart devices, consumers are becoming more demanding with regards to product and service delivery. Retailers are scrambling to figure out the best ways to provide a more tailored and engaging experience. Research from Boston Retail Partners and Manhattan Associates shows that while 70% of surveyed North American retailers understand the importance of personalization and are putting it at the top of their objectives list in 2017, many don’t have any actual plans to put the wheels in motion for a few years. READ MORE

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Pioneering in smart locks and intelligent-access security systems, eGeeTouch® patented and award-winning smart locks are embedded with state-of-art Dual Intelligent Proximity, Vicinity Tracking® and Smart Identification technologies. eGeeTouch® is all about safeguarding personal belongings and elevating travels through a hassle-free user experience. No key, no digit-wheels dial, no code memorizing equals no fuss. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone (both iOS & Android), smart watches or tap a NFC-enabled fob or tag to secure and unlock luggage. MORE

Reimagining Seaports


Cruise lines are taking a greater interest in the design and condition of terminals where passengers start and end their cruises, in some cases plotting upgrades that will make the experience of boarding a ship more vacation-like. READ MORE

Now That Cuba Is Open, Americans Aren't Going


America, did you miss the travel industry's memo declaring Cuba the hottest new destination? Apparently. Service to the long-time U.S. foe began in September, but after just five months the largest carrier to the island, American Airlines, cut daily flights by 25% and switched to smaller jets on some routes. Meanwhile, Silver Airways reduced weekly flights to six Cuban cities and JetBlue Airways downsized its planes to match lower-than-expected demand. READ MORE

Want to Inspire a Millennial Driven Workplace? Let Them Travel


The lack of employee engagement is a real issue in today’s workforce. Smart companies are finding unique ways to drive engagement and reinforce culture. In three short years, millennials will make up 51% of the workforce – and by 2025, the group will make up 75% of the workforce. They crave autonomy, flexibility, transparency, and empowerment. They also value time away from the office. As their numbers grow, the culture they create will permeate the everyday office. READ MORE

The iPad Might Not Have Changed the World, But It Could Save Retail


One part of the world the iPad changed is retail. As consumers’ habit of “showrooming” (checking out the goods at brick-and-mortar stores, then whipping out the phone to buy cheaper from a competitor) has risen, retailers have fought back by equipping their associates with iPads to grab back those lost transactions. Some (like Panera Bread) have also shown that the iPad can replace the register line and cut service times. READ MORE

The Impact of Image-Based Posts on Social Media Insight


Memes and gifs are dominating social feeds, the rise of which could cause problems for those using social media for insight, as words diminish and image-based conversations become the new form of communication. “People aren’t typing things now to share emotion, they’re taking photos,” says Darren Jones, social media lead at the Post Office. READ MORE

6 Ways to Position Yourself for a Promotion


So, you’ve busted your butt for two years and counting, but you’re still sitting in the same position where you started. Sure, you like your job (and you’re good at it, if you do say so yourself), but you’re hungry for growth and pining for a promotion. Is jumping ship the only way to advance? The answer is no. READ MORE