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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Recognize the Best


Travel goods might be our business, but it's personalities and companies that power our industry. Help salute the best among us by nominating an outstanding individual for the TGA Award, and spotlight an exemplary public citizen – person or company – with your nomination for the Community Service Award.

Plan to Visit Your 2017 New Product Showcase


It's a New Year, which means a whole new crop of travel goods to help your customers travel safer, be more comfortable, pack more efficiently and be more organized in their everyday travels and around-the-world sojourns. More new-for-2017 items will debut at The International Travel Goods Show than any other event on the calendar, which makes April 5-7, 2017 a critical time for your retailing success. Make plans to join us and discover the latest and greatest travel items so you can introduce them to your customers. Visit the official Show website,, or register here to attend The International Travel Goods Show – the world's biggest new products showcase for travel items.

How to Navigate New Airline Carry-On Rules


Are there loopholes to get around restrictive carry-on baggage and boarding rules? Will more major airlines begin restricting access to their overhead bin space? And while we’re talking about space, which carry-on size will actually make it past the gate agent and onto the plane? Let’s begin with United’s new “basic economy” fares. READ MORE

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Safe Skies has an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to manufacture and distribute TSA luggage locks. Airport security has master tools to open, inspect and relock TSA Safe Skies® luggage locks rather than clipping the locks during mandatory checked baggage inspections at U.S. airports, allowing travelers to reuse these special luggage locks. TSA Safe Skies luggage locks are also approved by the Canadian, Australian, Israeli, German, UK and Swiss governments. MORE

What Comes Next for U.S. Consumers, Travel Brands and Messaging in 2017?


There’s little doubt that travelers’ use of messaging platforms around the world grew throughout 2016 – whether it’s Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, or another service. What is uncertain is whether travel brands have kept pace and adopted messaging as aggressively as many have trumpeted. Along with that, one question that’s plagued parts of the travel industry during the past year – hotels, in particular – is: Are messaging apps actually strategic for our brand? READ MORE

20 Ideas Worth Stealing in 2017


Intrigue. Drama. High-tech exploits. Retail today has all the elements of a blockbuster movie – including, when we’re lucky, plenty of “loves” and “likes.” Onscreen or off, it takes more effort than ever to create something truly unique. Like filmmakers, retailers are happy to, shall we say, “pay homage” to themes and elements that have been proven to resonate with consumers. So grab the popcorn and take a seat. It’s time for our annual list of 20 ideas worth incorporating into your own storyline. READ MORE

Where Sustainable Travel Is Headed in 2017


Sustainable tourism – bringing global awareness to travel and putting it into action – is a top priority for the United Nations this year. The organization has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. There were nearly 1.2 billion international travelers in 2015, up from 674 million in 2000, according to the United Nations. The latest figure represents nearly one out of seven people in the world and is expected to grow to 1.8 billion people by 2030. READ MORE

Why Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Travel


The days of journeying to a travel agency and sitting at the desk of an agent just to book a trip have all but disappeared, but technology is increasingly putting that level of personalized service in the palms of our hands. A number of travel apps have begun to incorporate artificial intelligence, technology that allows machines to analyze large amounts of data and “learn” on their own, according to Greg Oates, senior editor at travel site Skift. READ MORE

Washington, D.C. Braces For 222% Visitor Increase for Inauguration


In the days leading up to the 2017 Presidential inauguration Washington, D.C. will see a 222% daily increase of travelers, according to an analysis of bookings by leading travel insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance. More than 114,000 travelers are planning to visit Washington D.C. January 18-21 with 276% more planning to arrive on inauguration day, compared to the two Fridays prior to and following. READ MORE

Smaller Airports Get the Attention of International Carriers


For as long as airlines have been crossing the oceans, airline passengers have had to go to big city airports to catch their overseas flights. So users of the nation’s 53rd-busiest airport, in a small town in the suburbs of Hartford, were surprised this fall when Aer Lingus, the flag carrier of Ireland, began flights to Europe. “Smaller airports are the next coming thing,” said Bjorn Kjos, chief executive of Norwegian, which is also talking to Stewart International Airport in Orange County, N.Y. about starting European-bound flights. READ MORE

Four Tips for More Powerful Corporate Social Media Posts


Once we know what an organization values, the character of its leadership and what legacy it strives to leave, we can decide if we want to engage with it. Whether it is through a speech, an infographic or a tweet, brands and corporations need to harness the power of storytelling to reveal corporate character, connect with emotions and hopefully build trust. Here are some tips for building more effective corporate narratives using traditional storytelling techniques on social media. READ MORE

Family's Search for Travel Nanny Garners Thousands of Applications


M'Kenzie and Derek Tillotson thought they might get "10 or 20" applications for the travel nanny job they're looking to fill. But since the Salt Lake City couple posted a video to Facebook with the job description, they've received more than 7,000. It's no wonder – the position is certainly tempting: Travel around the world with the family for one year, with all travel expenses paid. READ MORE