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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Peace, Joy, Happiness – During the Holidays and Always


As we celebrate this season of peace, joy and happiness, it's customary to count our blessings. And one of the biggest blessings is being part of this giant family we call the travel goods industry. Thank you for being part of this dynamic, vibrant business we call home. We wish everyone safe travels, the love and joy of family and friends, safety, good health and prosperity through the holidays – and always – from all of us at the Travel Goods Association.

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Buy American – or Else: GOP Plan to Kill Import Cost Tax Write-Offs Has Retail Industries Alarmed


As lawmakers set out to implement one of the broadest reforms to the tax code in decades, one proposal has companies gearing up for a rebellion against politicians they traditionally view as close, pro-business allies. Republicans in the House of Representatives and President-elect Donald Trump seem prepared to deal a blow to import-dependent companies with taxes aimed at penalizing them for not buying “Made in America” goods. The proposal is part of the House Ways and Means Committee’s blueprint for the tax overhaul, a sweeping raft of tax cuts its authors say would lead to an era of unprecedented growth. READ MORE

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Safe Skies has an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to manufacture and distribute TSA luggage locks. Airport security has master tools to open, inspect and relock TSA Safe Skies® luggage locks rather than clipping the locks during mandatory checked baggage inspections at U.S. airports, allowing travelers to reuse these special luggage locks. TSA Safe Skies luggage locks are also approved by the Canadian, Australian, Israeli, German, UK and Swiss governments. MORE

Freight Rates Up and Rising for East-West Shippers


Contrary to the downtrend in costs this year, ocean freight rates for major East-West trade routes are up and rising. Average Transpacific and Asia-Europe freight rates increased 3% in the latest quarter after falling for six quarters straight, according to the Drewry Benchmarking Club Contract Rate Index. READ MORE

Planes, Trains or Autos – Holiday Travel Will Be Heavy


A record 103 million Americans will be traveling over the 11-day holiday period, despite the winter holiday being a day shorter than usual, according to the AAA. Even with gas prices higher than they were last December, 91% of those planning to travel will drive, said Fran Mayko, spokeswoman for the AAA Northeast. That’s a 1.5% increase over last year. READ MORE

Brrr! Arctic Chill Is a Boon to Holiday Retailers


Retailers are looking at the Arctic blast as a well-timed holiday gift. "Most retailers really suffered through an overly warm December last year where they couldn’t sell boots and gloves and winter coats and so forth," said Dick Seesel, principal at Retailing in Focus, a consulting firm in Mequon, WI. Winter finally behaving like winter will contribute to a significant increase in apparel sales this holiday season compared with last year, said Burt Flickinger III, managing director at Strategic Resource Group, a retail consultancy in New York. But it's not just boots, gloves, hats, coats, scarves and wool socks leading the charge. READ MORE

How Travelers Should Tip During the Holidays (and How Much)


Even frequent travelers scratch their heads when it comes to how much they should tip hotel employees, tour guides and others who provide services when they are on the road. The holiday season, however, adds another element of confusion to a practice that is already perplexing enough: Are you supposed to give an extra tip in the spirit of the season to the concierge at your hotel who helps with dinner reservations or the Uber driver taking you to the airport? What about the travel agent you use to book your vacations? READ MORE

How Travelers Can Stay Safe from Cyberattacks Over the Holidays


With winter and the holiday travel season around the corner, the question arises: Why are hotel chains so attractive to cyberattacks, and what – if anything – can business and leisure travelers do to protect their credit cards, personal information, and travel reward accounts from criminals? READ MORE

Communal TV Screens in a Binge-Watching Age? Won’t Do, Airlines


What airline passenger hasn’t felt the letdown? You board a long-haul flight, ready to settle in for hours of binge-watching a popular television series or movie franchise, only to discover the plane’s onboard entertainment is stuck in a time warp, offering outdated content or – in a throwback to the 1990s – communal television screens for the whole cabin. But David Dicko, a French entrepreneur, is among the many taking aim at in-flight entertainment ennui. READ MORE

8 Tech Trends That Will Shape the Future of Fashion and Luxury Retail in 2017


The fashion industry – from your department store to your luxury boutique – is undergoing significant change at the hands of the digital revolution. That’s not new in concept. Neither, mind you, is talking about things like artificial intelligence, virtual reality or blockchain as emerging technologies. Put those two together, however, and things start getting interesting. READ MORE

10 Social Media Predictions for 2017 (and Where You Should Be Spending Your Time)


It is utterly mind-blowing to me that big brands that are in such obvious positions to succeed are still allocating their budgets the same way they were over 10 years ago. No one's primary budget should be spent on TV or print. Because here's a story: Family finished Thanksgiving dinner. We all went into the living room to watch something on TV together. Do you know what my mom was doing while your commercial was running? Checking Facebook. On her phone. READ MORE

The 6 Retail and E-Commerce Trends to Watch Out for in 2017


With a new year comes change. New consumer behavior and demands form new trends and, consequently, require new tools and technologies to be incorporated. New opportunities exist for those retailers bold enough to make the leap. To help you understand what to expect and how these changes may affect your business, we put together the 6 top trends for 2017. READ MORE