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December 15, 2016 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Put Yourself on the Sales Map


Building sales is all about building traffic. Which means if you're a travel goods manufacturer or distributor, you need to be at The International Travel Goods Show April 5-7, 2017. It's the biggest gathering of travel goods retailers on the globe, attracting national department store brands like Macy's, regional travel goods chains like Mori Luggage & Gifts, big box retailers like Target, Walmart and Costco, and international retail powerhouses and independent retailers. Get the lowdown at, and register for The Show here, or contact Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707 for details.

Business Coalition Asks FMC to Ban High Demurrage Charges During Unusual Events


A group representing the broad swath of the maritime user supply chain asked federal maritime regulators yesterday to set policies preventing steamship lines and marine terminal operators from charging what the group called "unfair fees" for late port pickups due to events such as strikes, bad weather, or carrier bankruptcies. The "Coalition for Fair Port Practices" told the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) that its members face "demurrage" charges even when events beyond their control make it impossible to pick up import containers after they've been unloaded. READ MORE

Consumer Warning Labels Aren’t Working


Are our current warnings effective? Do they convey sufficient information for individuals to balance the risks and benefits? Our answer is a resounding “no.” Our reasoning is that the present system fails miserably at distinguishing between large and small risks. A way to understand this is what we term wolves and puppies. Wolves are rarely seen but may eat your sheep – and perhaps you as well, according to the fable of the shepherd boy. Puppies occasionally nip, but when they do, the results are rarely serious. READ MORE

Advertisement SAFE SKIES

Safe Skies has an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to manufacture and distribute TSA luggage locks. Airport security has master tools to open, inspect and relock TSA Safe Skies® luggage locks rather than clipping the locks during mandatory checked baggage inspections at U.S. airports, allowing travelers to reuse these special luggage locks. TSA Safe Skies luggage locks are also approved by the Canadian, Australian, Israeli, German, UK and Swiss governments. MORE

Expect Big Holiday Crowds at Airports, Airlines Group Says


A stronger economy and lower airfares are expected to increase the number of holiday air travelers by 3.5% this year. During the 21-day holiday travel period starting Dec. 16, 45.2 million travelers will fly on U.S.-based airlines, prompting airlines to add extra flights or bigger planes to serve the travel surge, according to Airlines for America, the trade group for the nation’s airlines. READ MORE

With Uber and Lyft Nearby, Rental Cars May Be Ripe for a Comeuppance


The day before Election Day, even the most frequent of travelers may have missed the bad news about Hertz. After a disappointing earnings release, its stock fell by 23%. The trouble seemed to come mostly from too many of its cars losing value too quickly, but revenue fell, too. Which could not be less surprising, given the enormous user experience problem the car rental industry faces. READ MORE

Fearing Trump Crackdown, 'Dreamers' Advised to End Travel


Immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, but were protected from deportation by President Barack Obama, are being warned by some advocates to make sure they are not traveling abroad when Donald Trump is sworn in as president on Jan. 20. Some advocates, lawyers and universities are concerned that Trump might immediately rescind an Obama program that had allowed these young immigrants to work and travel for humanitarian, educational or employment purposes. READ MORE

Travel Secrets: Understand Your Flight Rights


You’re standing in the middle of the airport with the word “Cancelled” flashing on the big rotating flight board in front of you. What now? Experts agree the biggest mistake passengers make is not being informed. “Many people take the hand that’s dealt to them without pushing and standing up for their rights,” says Tulbovich. “But if they took the time to understand the options that are available to them, they could end up making lemonade out of lemons and even receive some compensation.” READ MORE

Everyone's Pinning These 10 Travel Trends for 2017


As you savor your holiday red cup at your desk today, you're probably thinking more about wanderlust for the new year ahead than you are about your actual job. To fuel your travel plans and fantasies, we bring you 10 travel trends from the Pinterest 100, the social media platform's trend report, for 2017. READ MORE

TSA Reminding Travelers About Coming Changes in ID Requirements


The TSA is posting signs at airports to inform airline passengers about Real ID requirements that begin in January 2018. The Real ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005, established minimum security-related requirements for state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards. Among other provisions, the law establishes what data that states must require before issuing a license or card and what data they must subsequently store electronically. READ MORE

How Social Media Can Help You #Win at Holiday Shopping


This year, smart shoppers are harnessing social media to win at gift giving. This fall, Instagram rolled out its new shop feature, and Pinterest has been offering buyable pins since the summer of 2015, transforming the platforms from places for gift inspiration, research, and idea-sharing to fully-fledged retail spaces. Even Snapchat is getting in on the action with shoppable gift guides, while newcomer Parcel allows you to organize your potential purchases based on budget and theme. READ MORE

How to Do Influencer Marketing Right in 2017


Are you tired of hearing about influencer marketing yet? Well according to just about every year-end review, it’s among the top trends for 2017 so you’d better get moving if you want to keep up. If you look at Google's keyword search for influencer marketing, it's increased more than 90 times since 2013, according to Adweek. READ MORE

Ten 'Leadership' Ideas That Kill Corporate Cultures


When trust flows in an organization, you don't have to spy on your employees. You don't have to measure every breath they take and every keystroke they make. When you take away the roadblocks of fear, bureaucracy and unaddressed conflict that clog up most companies who aren't paying attention, your teammates will amaze you with their results. They will surpass their goals strictly because it's fun to win. READ MORE