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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Travel...and Thanks


It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and traditionally the busiest travel day of the year, the day when our industry's impact is most felt; and it kicks off the start of the holiday shopping season. So before we become inundated by the season, it's an appropriate time to pause and give thanks to all of you for supporting the industry and TGA, for helping push The International Travel Goods Show to its best year ever, and to wish you all the best of the coming season as we round the corner from Black Friday and head towards the New Year. Safe travels, wherever you may be, from all of us at TGA.

2016's Holiday Selling Season is Here. Time to Start Planning for 2017!


Black Friday kicks off the retailing season, the same way The 2017 International Travel Goods Show kicks off the sales year. The Show is where retailers go to discover new wares and open new lines, and it's where you need to be, to be discovered in 2017. Space is still available, but The Show is selling out fast. Don't get locked out – put yourself on exhibit at the world's biggest gathering of travel goods professionals by contacting Cathy Hays,, 877-842-1938, x-707, scoop up a booth while you still can, and ring in 2017 with some strong sales.

AAA Predicts Busiest Thanksgiving Travel Season Since 2007

FOX 25

AAA estimates 49 million Americans will be traveling more than 50 miles from home this holiday. That’s one million more people than traveled last year. AAA spokeswoman Tamra Johnson said an improving economy and low gas prices are main factors for the surge in travelers. Nearly 90% of Thanksgiving travelers will be on the roads. READ MORE

Expect 137.4 Million Shoppers to Hit Retailers Over Black Friday Weekend


The National Retail Federation is forecasting a massive turnout this weekend by shoppers looking for big Black Friday deals, a sign consumers are in the mood to spend this holiday season now that election angst is easing. The industry group expects 137.4 million Americans to shop online or hit stores over the four days, up from 135.8 million last year. READ MORE

15 Travel Backpacks Women Will Actually Want to Wear


Backpacks are more than just the school bag of your past; they're the best bag for walking around a new city, an amusement park, hiking, or even as an alternative to luggage. No matter what your planned activity, there is a style for you. Check out this roundup – including items from TGA members – to see some of the latest in backpacks. READ MORE

Inside the Airport of the Future


What if an airport wasn’t just the means to an end, but another destination? Security, customs, and baggage handling are finally upping their game at airports worldwide. Now if only somebody could put all of these innovations in one place, we’d have the world’s greatest terminal. READ MORE

More Than Half of Consumers Have Already Started Holiday Shopping


With the middle of the holiday season approaching and shoppers eager to take advantage of early promotions from retailers, more than half of consumers have already started making dents in their holiday gift lists, according to the annual mid-season survey released this week by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. READ MORE

Airbnb Broadens Its Business with Tours and Travel Experiences


Airbnb used to let you just book room rentals. Now you can also use Airbnb to reserve dance parties in Havana, historical tours in Cape Town and stargazing outings in Los Angeles. Airbnb said last week that it was expanding beyond its core short-term rental business, which faces pushback from local governments around the world, to become a fuller service travel agency. READ MORE

The Tech Every Traveler Should Have in 2017


While it might be nice to unplug and go off the grid once in a while, technology increasingly makes travel more convenient, safe, and – lest we forget – fun. As we continue to raise the bar on how we create and share our experiences, interact with our ever-present devices, and stay connected while exploring the world, the inventors keep inventing: Here is some of our favorite technology, set to improve the way we travel in 2017. READ MORE

Social Media Holiday Ads: 7 Steps to (Quickly) Prepare


Millions of holiday shoppers will soon start looking for deals. Will your social media ads be there to meet them? If not, your sales will likely see a small bump associated with the holidays, and that will be it. But if you took the time to prepare, that small bump could turn into much more. READ MORE

U.S. Issues Europe Travel Warning Over ISIS Fears


The U.S. State Department has sent out a travel alert calling on Americans to be extra vigilant at outdoor festivities and public events in Europe over the year-end holidays. The warning comes just a day after seven people were arrested on charges they were plotting an attack in Strasbourg, France. READ MORE

5 Leadership Lessons Hidden in Classic Holiday Movies: What Rudolph & Ralphie Can Teach Managers About Leadership


If you're like most Americans, you enjoy one, most, or all of the holiday classics that play around the clock during the holiday season. But I'll bet you didn't realize it's more than just entertainment. That's right, your favorite holiday classic movies also contain some timeless and accurate advice about leadership, furthering your career, and work/life balance as well. I mean c'mon, did you really think Rudolph was just pulling a sled? READ MORE