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November 10, 2016 Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
TGA Industry News Briefs
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Now Open: Your Gateway to the Biggest Travel Goods Show on Earth


The official site for The 2017 International Travel Goods Show is now live. Drop in for all the important details – registered exhibitors, big-name retail attendees, official Show dates and hours, special events, lodging tips, how to exhibit and how to attend. This is everything you need to know to get the big picture perspective on what's happening in 2017, the relevant trends, the hot future sellers – the vital ingredients you'll need to make 2017 a great year for your business.

Maritime Watchdog Sees No Evidence of Shipping-Alliance Price-Fixing


The Federal Maritime Commission, the U.S. maritime watchdog, has seen no evidence of price-fixing by the recently formed ocean-shipping alliances and expects more consolidation from the industry during the worst downturn in 30 years, according to the agency’s head. The three alliances, which allow ship operators to save billions of dollars annually by sharing ships, networks and port calls, now move more than 95% of all cargo across the world’s oceans. Two of the alliances have been approved by the FMC and the approval application for the third one reached the agency early Monday. READ MORE

Unravelling the Myth of ‘Made in America’


Despite the state of American politics, there are a handful of substantive issues that have come to define this election cycle, one being the loss and possible return of U.S. manufacturing jobs in sectors from automobiles to apparel. Now, after years of marketing messages proclaiming product quality and local job creation amongst the benefits of American-made goods, voters are asking: Doesn’t bringing large swaths of manufacturing activity back to the U.S. make sense, for consumers, the economy and society at large? READ MORE

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For more than a century, Hartmann has been the icon of sophistication for the world’s most discerning travelers. Our uncompromising heritage of craftsmanship and innovation continues to exceed the expectations of our consumers, whose investment is rewarded with enduring quality and a level of style and refinement that is legendary Hartmann.

Post-election Retail: Where Do We Go from Here?


The results of Tuesday’s elections will affect a number of issues facing retailers, including infrastructure, tax reform, trade, immigration, labor and health care. NRF's Craig Shearman looks at how President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress could impact the industry. READ MORE

U.S. Travel Encouraged by Trump's Vow to Rebuild Infrastructure


U.S. Travel Association CEO Roger Dow expressed optimism that Donald Trump would follow through on his campaign promises to improve infrastructure and said he was confident the President-elect's business and hotelier background would make him receptive to travel industry issues. READ MORE

Tips to Minimize the Downside of Business Travel


Despite the glamorous image that comes to mind when we think of jet-setting business travelers, the reality is anything but: sleep deprivation, added stress and illness are all common pitfalls of frequent travel. Given that decreased health of employees naturally affects business results, companies should pay more attention to how they can minimize the negative impact of business travel on their employees. READ MORE

9 Metrics to Determine your Social Media Marketing ROI


I was recently asked, “How do I know my efforts on social media are working, or am I just spinning my wheels?” Jim, an entrepreneur with a growing business, was trying to determine the ROI on his social media efforts and he was frustrated. He was tracking his analytics on Facebook and Twitter but didn’t really know what to look for or what it all meant to him. Here is what I shared with him. READ MORE

How to Make Holiday Travel Less Stressful


Traveling during the holiday season can be a less than enjoyable experience, said David Solomito, the vice president of marketing at the travel search engine Kayak. The rush may be inevitable, but feeling fraught isn’t. Mr. Solomito shared his top tips on how to minimize the stress of holiday travel. READ MORE