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July 21, 2016    
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Important Notice Regarding Housing for The 2017 Show


It has come to our attention that some International Travel Goods Show buyers and exhibitors may have been solicited by GHS Corp./Global Housing Services Corp. (reservations@globalhousingcorp). Their email solicitation refers to "The Travel Goods Show from April 5th-7th 2017" and presents "hotel options that are still available for immediate booking." It's important to understand that GHS Corp. is in no way related to TGA by contract or otherwise and has not been given permission by us to use our exhibitor or buyer lists for any purpose. In fact, we consider those lists to be proprietary and confidential and have never made them available to anyone (including GHS Corp.) for commercial purposes. To that end, we have notified GHS Corp. that they must immediately cease and desist from any further communication to our exhibitors and buyers. Please notify Cathy Hays at, 877-842-1938, x-707 if you have received email from GHS Corp. or if you do so in the future.

GSP & Travel Goods – Deadline for Signatories Extended


TGA is leading efforts to get hundreds of companies to sign on to an industry letter urging President Obama to immediately issue a proclaim that U.S. imports of travel goods (including luggage, handbags, backpacks, tote bags, etc.) are duty-free from all countries under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program. The letter is in response to President Obama's June 30 decision to proclaim duty-free treatment for travel goods for a very limited number of countries under GSP. That decision means that only travel goods imported from the "least-developed beneficiary developing countries" and African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) countries are now able to enter the U.S. duty-free. However, the President indefinitely delayed a decision on granting duty-free travel goods benefits to all other GSP beneficiary developing countries, including key sourcing countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka. The only major travel goods supplier that benefits from the June 30 decision is Cambodia. TGA was very disappointed and surprised by the decision. We Need Your Company to Sign the Industry Letter! The deadline to add on your company is next Thursday, July 28. To sign the letter, or if you have questions, please contact TGA's Nate Herman at or 202-853-9351.

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Why Transit Was Key in Bringing The RNC to Cleveland


Those attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week have a panoply of transit options for getting around: heavy and light rail, bus rapid transit, traditional buses and even trolleys. Once arriving at the airport, visitors can hop on Cleveland’s Red Line for a swift, 29-minute trip to Tower City station, a six-minute walk from the convention site. That’s part of what made Cleveland such an attractive site for the convention, officials there say. It has the transit infrastructure to handle a sudden influx of 50,000 visitors. READ MORE

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For more than a century, Hartmann has been the icon of sophistication for the world’s most discerning travelers. Our uncompromising heritage of craftsmanship and innovation continues to exceed the expectations of our consumers, whose investment is rewarded with enduring quality and a level of style and refinement that is legendary Hartmann.

Quiz: Are You Ready to Level Up Your Social Media Marketing?


With 65% of American adults on social networks, according to Pew Internet, no marketing strategy is complete without a social media component. Quiz yourself on your knowledge of the role social media plays in consumers’ and marketers’ lives and see if you’re ready to amp up your use of social media to guide marketing and business strategy moving forward. READ MORE

5 Road Trip Mistakes That Cost You Money


Lower gas prices in 2016 are motivating more Americans to hit the road for a vacation. In fact, 69% of American families who are planning a vacation this year are taking a road trip, reported AAA. If you're planning to take one of the best summer road trips in the country, be careful not to offset those gas savings. Do a little trip planning, and make sure your chosen form of transportation won't end up being a major travel expense. Here are five common road trip mistakes to avoid this travel season. READ MORE

Dig a Little Deeper for a Sharper Picture of U.S. Travel Trends


As we all know, understanding your customers' buying behaviors is the first step to creating more effective and strategic campaigns. More than that, though, is knowing the differences in buyer behavior and desires between markets so you don't take general statistics and apply them everywhere. READ MORE

How to Balance Leadership and Friendship in the Workplace


People have often suggested to not be friends with your team members. I think the opposite of that is true – I want to be absolute best friends with my staff. I want to be closer to my people than anybody. Relationships are built primarily on honesty, which includes being able to have hard conversations, as well as direct and forthright communication. READ MORE

Travel Tip: Travel Apps That Can Help You at the Airport


Getting to – and through – airports is getting tougher, especially if you value your time. If you’re like me, you want to get to an airport, check your email, and board the flight as soon as possible. There are now some travel apps on the market that can really help. READ MORE

10 Things You Think You Know About Being an Entrepreneur


People always ask me questions about entrepreneurship. Questions like, “Is being an entrepreneur as good as people say?” “Can I really make money?” “Can anyone do it?” Here are 10 pieces of common wisdom that I've found people believe about entrepreneurship, and my take on how true each one really is. READ MORE