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May 19, 2016    
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A VERY Limited-time Offer: The Best Marketing Buy, the Deepest Discount


Exhibitors say it every year: The International Travel Goods Show is their best marketing spend. And for this month only, it's even better: Book before June 1, 2016, and receive the Early Bird Discount Rate of just $10/square foot. There's no smarter move for reaching every retail channel – independent travel goods specialty storefronts, regional chains, department stores, big retailers – they'll all be there. There's no other show like it, and there's no deeper discount than this very limited-time offer. Now's the time to act – contact VP, Trade Show Cathy Hays at or 877-842-1938, x-707, and get your 2017 off to a roaring start.

It's Official!


The 30-day voting period has ended, and during that time an overwhelming number of members cast their e-votes in support of TGA's Slate of Nominees for the 2016-2017 TGA Board of Directors. Thanks to everyone who exercised their very important privilege as a member of this Association and voted!

TGA 2016-2017 Board of Directors 


Scott Kosmin, 24-7 International, Chair 

Robert Dodson, Ricardo Beverly Hills, Chair Elect

David Lomas, Design Go Ltd., Vice Chair

Rob Rankin, Travelpro International, Treasurer

Jack Holodnicki, Olivet International, Secretary

Cliff Ensley, Leisure Merchandising Corp., Immediate Past Chair


Sue Flaum, Burlington Stores

Nathan Haskell, it luggage

Jerry Kallman, Airline International Luggage

Lloyd Rabinowitz, Samsonite

Magi Raible, LiteGear

Senate Approves TGA-Supported MTB Reform Legislation, Obama Expected to Sign into Law Shortly


On May 10, the Senate unanimously approved TGA-supported legislation to create a process for considering bills that would temporarily reduce or eliminate duties (up to $500,000) on products that are no longer made in the U.S. The legislation (H.R. 4923) would create a process for Congress to consider Miscellaneous Tariff Bills (MTBs) – legislation through which companies have reduced duties on a variety of certain travel goods over the years. President Obama is expected to sign the legislation into law shortly.

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For Travelers Club’s 30th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce our licensing partnership with kensie. We are combining Travelers Club's quality and unique design with kensie’s internationally known young contemporary fashion and worldwide styling. MORE

TGA Urges Congress to Maintain Current Trucker Hours of Service (HOS) Provision


TGA joined a coalition of business groups in sending a May 10 letter urging Senate appropriators to include language in the FY 2017 T-HUD appropriations bill to retain the current 34-hour restart for truckers. This took place in anticipation of Senate floor action this week on S. 2844, the FY 2017 T-HUD appropriations bill, which provides funding for the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and related government agencies.

The Best Lightweight Luggage to Take on Your Next Vacation


When thinking of a lightweight bag, durability and toughness don’t first come to mind. With a suitcase so light, how can it possibly be able to withstand a blow? Luckily, luggage companies have been formulating new technologies to make the fabric and materials in their piece lighter in weight, yet strong, solid, and secure, whether it be a hard shelled suitcase, or softer fabric luggage. No matter your preference, there is an option out there for you. Travel + Leisure rounded up the best options so you won’t have to break your back trying to handle baggage the next time you travel. READ MORE

American Express Travel Says to Plan for Busy Summer Ahead TRAVEL PULSE

Brace yourself for a busy summer travel season – it could be one for the record books. According to American Express Travel, 195 million Americans are planning a summer vacation this year and, so far in 2016, domestic travel is already up 17%, according to the company’s internal booking data. “We expect a robust travel season and are gearing up,” said Claire Bennett, executive vice president of American Express Travel. READ MORE

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For more than a century, Hartmann has been the icon of sophistication for the world’s most discerning travelers. Our uncompromising heritage of craftsmanship and innovation continues to exceed the expectations of our consumers, whose investment is rewarded with enduring quality and a level of style and refinement that is legendary Hartmann.

MIT Reveals Its Version of Hyperloop Transit Pod


Tired of being stuck in traffic on the highway or waiting endlessly for a delayed subway? Almost three years ago, Elon Musk envisioned the Hyperloop, a new type of public transit that would whisk commuter-filled pods efficiently across hundreds of kilometers in a matter of minutes via tubes; and of course, only second to teleportation in terms of overall coolness. Last week, MIT finally unveiled the prototype pod that it will test this summer at a one-mile racetrack near SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. READ MORE

Will the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Hurt Luxury Retail?


At a recent conference, I ran into a colleague and friend who comes from the retail side of the luxury market. As most conversations these days turn to this crazy election, my friend casually mentioned from a 20-plus year perspective that presidential election years are tough for luxury retailers. This was followed closely by Bain & Company’s caution on the U.S. luxury market in its latest 2016 projections. It reported that in this election year, U.S. luxury consumers were taking a wait-and-see attitude and that personal luxury goods demand will lag in 2016. READ MORE

Stuck With a Pricey Hotel Reservation? Maybe You Can Sell It


In March, Alysa Turner, a publicist from Washington, paid $400 for a one-night stay at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, but her plans changed after the window for canceling the reservation had closed. Not wanting to be out the money, she found a hotel resale website called Roomer Travel. With little to lose, Ms. Turner listed her hotel room for $350 only 36 hours before check-in. “It was a last-ditch effort,” she said. As travel reservations become more fragmented and cancellation restrictions and fees become more widespread, travelers are turning to technology and listing nonrefundable hotel reservations on resale sites. READ MORE

This Startup Is Bringing Travel Agents Back From the Grave


The U.S. Department of Labor warns that the employment of travel agents is set to drop 12% by 2024, thanks largely to “the ability of travelers to use the Internet to research vacations and book their own trip.” Now, one of the people responsible for the rise of those sites is seeking to address this problem. Paul English, the co-founder and former chief technology officer of booking site, has co-founded a new travel startup called Lola, which provides on-demand access to a team of travel agents supported by artificial intelligence software. READ MORE

Google Translate Updates Could Benefit Travelers


Need a translation app for your vacation but don’t want to get slammed with a big data bill? New updates to Google Translate, including the addition of another major language and a pop-up translation feature, can help. Google said that its translation app – which can translate in a number of ways including hearing someone speak or by reading what they write – can now be used in offline mode with no data or Wi-Fi connection on both iOS and Android, potentially eliminating the high price of data for travelers with iPhones. Some 52 languages, including French, German, Russian and, most recently, Filipino, can be translated offline. READ MORE

Email Spells Disaster for Leadership Connection


We’ve all done it: Every leader is guilty of having used email rather than talking to someone in person. When I worked in a corporate office, it was commonplace to send emails to team members whose offices were only a short distance down the hall. That’s because email is easier and faster than having a conversation. And, as an added bonus, there’s a record of the transaction (just in case you need proof later on). The problem, however, is when leaders use email in place of face-to-face communication more often than they should. READ MORE