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Vinnibag by Ellessco

mp_vinnibagThe Vinnibag was conceived around the proverbial kitchen table with one part wine industry veteran, one part biotech executive, a small slice of investment advice and a chunk of engineering. As experienced travelers passionate about wine and local specialties, Ellessco’s founders saw the need for a better way to transport liquids and fragile items. Two years of intensive product development and testing led to the creation of Ellessco LLC and the Vinnibag — a unique concept for inflatable protection of travel accessories that suspends items in an air cushion that conforms to the contents, including multiple small items.

“Whether you’re a frequent flyer or extreme sports enthusiast, VinniBag is a great travel companion for anything that can break or leak,” says Elizabeth Scarbrough. “From wine and olive oil to perfume and collectible figurines, contents are isolated, immobilized and cushioned by the air chambers, and sealed by a specially designed closure.” Engineered to withstand significant fluctuations in altitude and temperature, VinniBags meet or exceed all airline regulations and only takes a minute to inflate and seal.

Also of note, Ellessco LLC is a women-owned company that employs U.S. resources for design, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. It maintains a recycling program that converts plastics into garden hoses, operates using eco-friendly practices, supports charitable organizations and “lives by one simple rule, ‘Be Nice and Have Fun.'”

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