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mp_travelsoxTravelsox™ stimulate lower leg circulation through gradual compression, reducing swelling and guarding against deep vein thrombosis. They are manufactured in Italy by Arcos, with graduated compression that starts mid-foot, supporting the arch and plantar fascia, gradually decreasing through the lower leg to support the veins and speed the return of fresh blood to the feet — up to 40% faster.

“The patented graduated compression socks and exclusive materials are just the start,” states Ron Bizieff. “Each pair is designed for maximum results. Whether you are on a long flight, sitting, standing or just walking around, these socks will increase circulation to and from your feet.” Made of Travelsox™’s exclusive anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral quick-drying material, the socks are also odor-resistant and reduce blisters.

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