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Travelbadger™ solves a common travel frustration – arriving at your destination and discovering something essential left behind: Q-Tips, a toothbrush, etc. While researching the most commonly used toiletry items, its creators determined having a large variety of products was important, and came up with the idea of pre-filled toiletries bags that could be customized with add-ons.

“Travelbadger is a one-stop shop for all your travel toiletry and gear needs,” explains Nicole Myers. “No need to bounce from store to store to find all the little things needed for your trip.”

Travelbadger kits come in a sturdy reusable 3-1-1-compliant see-through bag, and there are a variety of kits aimed at men, women and children, with a remarkably deep array of add-on sundries for hair, hygiene, dental and beauty needs in TSA-friendly sizes. It’s like the ultimate airport or hotel lobby convenience store, with terrific selection, fair pricing and free shipping.

Travelbadger’s kits are TSA compliant, but the company goes one better, with the ability to ship directly to your destination to avoid the security slowdown (or to cover for those forgotten items). All in the name of what Travelbadger’s founders – who are both moms – call “Easy Peasy Packin’.”

For more information, visit or contact Nicole Myers at; 509-413-2416.