The Barrier Method, A Travel Mask Company

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The Barrier Method, A Travel Mask Company

Danielle Travis was inspired to invent The Barrier Method’s travel masks by her experience traveling for polo tournaments. She was constantly getting sick after traveling, and fed up with feeling awful in competition.

The masks are made with eco-friendly, antibacterial polyester that is soft and lightweight, while inhibiting bacterial growth. The company offers two styles: the Winged Mask and the Neckie. There are two parts to the mask: an inner face liner, and the outer winged portion that looks like a traditional scarf. The adjustable ear loops are comfortable, and the mask helps retain moisture, keeping your neck and throat moist to combat the drying effects of airplane air. The mask also provides UPF 50 sun protection, and as Travis notes, “The rays up at 30,000 feet are very harsh.”

“No one is making masks like ours specifically for travelers. We focus completely on the travel experience and how it can be improved just by wearing our mask,” states Danielle Travis. “We are not just a product, but a brand for traveling moms, dads, bloggers, wanderlusters, business travelers, adventurers, and athletes who can enjoy wearing The Barrier Method on the plane so they can arrive at their destination healthy.”

For more information, visit or contact Danielle Travis at; 808-280-1123.